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These angels have been delivered to many hospitals in southern California. These hospitals include:

          - Anaheim Memorial Hospital
          - Chapman Medical Center
          - Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC)
          - Hoag Hospital
          - Kaiser Hospital in Anaheim
          - Los Angeles Children's Hospital
          - Mission Hospital
          - Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center
          - Saddleback Memorial Medical Center
          - St. Joseph Hospital in Orange
          - St. Jude Hospital in Orange
          - Univ. of California, Irvine Medical Center (UCI)
          - Western Medical Center

The Derek Angel is named after Derek Kuhs from Laguna Hills, California. Derek was a little boy with a rare blood disorder in the Oncology Ward at Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), and I was very touched when I heard of his affliction and the devastating affect on his family. I took an angel to the hospital for the Kuhs family - to represent the many people praying for them and we became friends. Derek was a very spiritual little boy, taking after his parents. He told his Mother that he had seen God and that God told him that he had something special for everyone, that we all get to be together. Derek passed away at the tender age of 6.

He was my special buddy, and I will always love him. I asked his parents if I could name an angel after him and they were very honored by this gesture. We remain close friends with the Kuhs family and they have joined me many times at CHOC and the City of Hope Hospitals to help me deliver angels to other children and adults with cancer. They understand what the families are going through and want to comfort and encourage them.

This special angel is given to children and adults throughout the world who have life-threatening illnesses and to those who have endured tragedies in their lives.

This angel is made in blue, green, and red and is given to the families of law officers and firefighters who have lost their lives. A miniature badge from their specific department is placed on the angel to personalize it and a set of miniature handcuffs or an ax is placed on the base of the angel signifying that they have heroically given their life in the line of duty.

A blue Derek angel is also given to families of military personnel who have lost their lives in the line of duty. Placed on the angel is a pin with the American flag and their military branch's insignia.