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These angels have been delivered to many hospitals in southern California. These hospitals include:

          - Anaheim Memorial Hospital
          - Chapman Medical Center
          - Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC)
          - Hoag Hospital
          - Kaiser Hospital in Anaheim
          - Los Angeles Children's Hospital
          - Mission Hospital
          - Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center
          - Saddleback Memorial Medical Center
          - St. Joseph Hospital in Orange
          - St. Jude Hospital in Orange
          - Univ. of California, Irvine Medical Center (UCI)
          - Western Medical Center

The Isabella Angel is named after Sally's grandmother because she had many angelic attributes and lived her life with such love for Our Lord. She inspired many in so many ways, loved everyone unconditionally and was very giving and accepting of all. She was a true prayer warrior, always praying for someone.

She is not with us here on this earth anymore, but the memories of her life are with us every day and her legacy lives on through the Isabella Angel.