The Angels of Love program is focused on changing one life at a time. Because of our random acts of kindness, we have received many letters and emails from people over the years who have either received an Angel of Love or who have worked with the Angels of Love program.  The following are some letters of appreciation.

Heather's Letter

Martin's Letter

Louie's Letter

Tommy's Letter

Chelsea's Letter

Chaplain Connie Regener 's Letter

Cheryl's Letter

Jennifer's Letter

"I believe that the Angels of Love Ministry is a very worthwhile organization whose random acts of kindness touches and changes people’s lives in a positive way."
                                 --D.P. Kennedy, Chairman Emeritus, The First American Corporation (Named Man of the Century, Orange Coast magazine, December 1999)

"The doctors, the nurses, and the hospital staff can do everything medically for their patients, but the emotional and inspirational encouragement that is given by these little handcrafted Angels is half the battle in the healing process."
                                 --Khosrow Mahdavi, M.D., FACP, Hoag Cancer Center (Named Humanitarian of the year by the national Conference for Community and Justice, February 2002)

"We received a special Angel in memory of our beautiful daughter, Jean, (24) who lost her life as a crewmember on AA #11 on 09/11/01. We light the candle on this Angel every night and it helps to keep her spirit alive and going in our home and in our hearts."
                                 --Punky Roger

"I think the Derek Angel sends a message of love, peace, and hope to patients and families battling cancer. It is a very touching feeling."
                                 --Violet Shen, M.D., PediatricOncologist

Changing Lives

Being a part of the Angel Project has really been a great and rewarding experience for me. Out of the 170 female inmates from the James Musick Jail Facility, only 7 are on the Angel Project.

Every week I look forward to the Angel Project and the chance at giving back to the community. Just knowing how much of an impact just one Angel makes on one single life is such a rewarding and joyful gift. It has really made a difference in me being on the project. It has made me realize that even though I have broken the law and am serving some time in a correctional facility that I should look at this experience as a much needed life lesson. It really isn’t a punishment, as I first believed it was! For me, it is more like my last chance before hitting rock bottom and being on the Angel Project has really made me cherish life more and has helped me to understand that life is so very precious. It has made me see how much in life is taken for granted. It has really been a tremendous eye opener, especially when I hear about a child with a terminal disease. A child who is so innocent and has not done anything but good in life and they’re facing death sooner than maybe expected. Where as compared to me, I thought coming to jail for four months was bad. The things I didn’t take into consideration before, but now I do. For example after my four months is up, I get to go home to my family and get to live my life. For these children, when their four months are up, their families have to go home without them. Their lives end and they don’t get to live life.

I honestly believed when the Angel Project came here it was to change lives. I also believe that it was God who hand picks which girls or guys will be on the project. The least we could do is to make a difference in others lives.

The Angel Project is really a well worthwhile project and I’m glad to be apart of it.

- Heather, James A. Musick Facility

"A Field Trip"

Thursday was an amazing experience for me personally. The minute I met the first patient, I was speechless. It was so sad to me. I just was so surprised. It made me realize to not take my life for granted and what I have is enough. These people were just so happy when they got them. It’s like I changed some one’s life and they touched mine. It was an outer-body experience when I went into the last one with Josh and the lady and her husband told us that they were real familiar with Y.G.C. because they were probation officers. They told us we need more kids like us. Then she got a phone call from her doctor and finds out she doesn‘t have cancer. What an extraordinary moment.

Also when we were leaving, the husband ran to find us to tell us thank you because his wife was asleep. This trip makes me look at life in a different perspective - that I actually like helping people and making their lives happy just for that one minute. I am so thankful that I was able to attend the hospital and hopefully will be able to go again. I want thank Ms. Russell and Rick for making it happen.

Thank You,

- Martin, Youth Guidance Center

Faith and Peace

My experience with Angels of Love at the hospital was a life changing experience. Giving angels to sick people made me feel different about my life. The reason is because I used to take life for granted and after seeing how hard it is to deal with cancer, just tells me to live everyday like your last. My very first angel that Josh presented was what brought that feeling in my chest that just blew me away. It’s so very hard to look the patients in the eyes knowing they’re looking at me as a young man and I’m looking at them dying, but what made me feel so good was when they just smiled or cried or even the look on their faces when we said it’s yours and free.

In a big way I felt we did them a lot of good, faith and peace. It brought a new side of me out because I want to go out every day to make everyone’s life a little better inside. I believe I want to get more involved with a program that makes life happier when I get out.

- Louie, Youth Guidance Center

A Different Perspective

I think delivering the angels was an amazing experience. It actually felt good to do something for someone else. For me that is a very big thing because during my drug use I would never imagine myself doing something like that. It was also a big eye opener to how grateful I should be. It was just the most awesome feeling to see their face when we gave them their angel. And their response, you can just see their faces go from hopeless to full of hope.

It feels good to give back to the community knowing how much I took and damaged the community. Doing things like that encouraged me to want to do more good things and do good in general, because I have built self-esteem and now I have proof and know I can help people through their struggles. I want to thank God for putting me in this position to do this for people - also Ms. Russell and Mr. Rick for allowing me to be a part of something so wonderful.

- Tommy, Youth Guidance Center

My Last Hospital Visit

On Friday June 30th my teacher, Mrs. Russell, my fellow student council friends, and I joined Chaplin Rick at St. Josephs Hospital. I have only been to CHOC Hospital, so going to a hospital where adults would be, was a completely different experience for me. Out of the ten student council members that attended the hospital visit, only two of us have had the experience of distributing them to patients. So I was kind of nervous about how my peers were going to give them away and what their reactions were going to be. To my surprise, everyone did a great job. Many of the patients were bi-lingual so a few of my co-partners were able to communicate and gain a memorable experience. Of the four patients that I presented an angel to, one woman stuck out the most. She looked aged from stress and her illness, yet I could see all her hope and willingness in her eyes. She was so grateful to be presented with an angel that her eyes began to swell up with tears. After we presented the angel to her she asked me the simplest, most heartfelt question…“Why me?” I was speechless. I didn’t know what to say. In my heart and head I was thinking, because you’re special and this angel was made just for you, but the words wouldn’t come out. I felt so touched and inspired.

This is my last hospital visit before I leave Rio Contiguo. Being apart of the Angels of Love project has been so motivational. I want to get back into the community and give back - most of all I want to help others. I want to thank Rick for all he’s done and allowing me to help change lives. This experience will never be forgotten.

- Chelsea, Youth Guidance Center

Warm Gifts

I received wonderful compliments from our staff and patients at Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center on the delivery of angels by your volunteers. One patient told me he enjoyed the visit and presentation every much as the angel .. he felt gifted twice. I walked into one unresponsive patient’s room in the critical care unit and gasped at my first sight of the beautiful angel. The staff rushed in, thinking I had seen something wrong with the patient. We are so fortunate to be added to your list and hope to continue our relationship in the future. This gift warms the hearts of those feeling the cold.

- Chaplain Connie Regener

A Special Reminder

I appreciate your offer to replace my son’s angel, but it is very special, and brings back memories. Some of them are not good, but they remind me how awesome the Lord has been in restoring my family to good health. So if it is all right with you, I will keep the one I have, along with its memories. I will be making a donation to your organization in the near future. Once again, thank you.

- Sincerely, Cheryl

My Mom's Angel

I just wanted to write and thank you for the angel that was sent to my Mom, Avis. My sister in law had written and told of my mother’s journey and because of that she received a beautiful Angel of Love! I live three hours away from my Mom but I’ve been going to see her every weekend. Tears came to all of our eyes, we know we’re losing one of the strongest, finest women we’ve ever know, it’s a very hard journey on us all but with the thoughts and prayers of everyone we know she will pass easily. She knows she’s going to see the Lord and while she doesn’t want to leave any of us she will be ready when her time comes. Once again, thank you so much , I hope you know what a blessing all of you are! Sincerely, Jennifer

P.S. Hospice has come and started the process with my Mom, while I wasn’t able to be there for the beginning today my brother called and told me what’s going on. Our concern is keeping Mom at home, she brought us into this world and we’ll be there to ease her leaving. Again, thank you very much for her Angel… she will be a treasured part of our family even after Mom has gone on.

- Jennifer