"Going to St. Joseph's Hospital today and having the opportunity to talk with the cancer patients was an unexplainable experience. It took me by surprise the way it affected me. I was reading a poem to a man as he was staring out the window. I didn't even think he was listening until tears started running down his face,I was overwhelmed with gratefulness. "

Posted by Elijah S. student - July 2015 on Aug 5, 2015

"Each time I volunteer with the Angels of Love the experience has always been different every time. I always feel good about giving back. In talking with a few of the patients I found that there were things that were similar in our lives...it made me think; what if I was in there shoes. I am thankful and appreciative for my health and that I get to live my life. So be thankful for the life you have, because as bad as we may think it is the patients I met with today would switch in an instant just to have one more day to be without any kind of illness."

Posted by B. A. student - July 2015 on Aug 5, 2015

"This was my first experience ever visiting a hospital and it was life changing. This visit let me see my life in a different perspective...helping me to realize that I shouldn't take life for granted. So many of the patients I met today are fighting so hard and I got the feeling that some of them may lose their battle with what ever illness they have. I felt several times a shiver throughout my body after I left their room and I knew that it was God's spirit in me. It felt so full filling to reach out to them and give them strength. This was such a positive force and a sense of purpose that I cant wait to volunteer again."

Posted by Sam B. student - May 2015 on May 28, 2015

"This was my first time volunteering with the Angels of Love. It was a good feeling to see the patients smile. Although I was pretty nervous at the beginning, the more patients I visited with the more comfortable I got. I felt a little more comfortable speaking with the Hispanic patients.The day turned out well and all the patients I gave Angels to helped me to realize that I should be very thankful for the life that I have because not everyone gets to live a normal life. I would enjoy going again. "

Posted by Miguel L. student - May 2015 on May 28, 2015

"I had the most amazing experience visiting the hospital with the Angels of Love. When we put someone else before ourselves it makes us feel better and that's what it did for me. Its nice to give back. Aside from what it did for me it also taught me empathy. As I looked at it thru their eyes...I could see how hard it was for them and their families. I couldn't help but feel for them. This was a great opportunity and given the chance to volunteer again I will definitely go."

Posted by Russell J. student - May 2015 on May 28, 2015

"A lot of times people may get sad visiting someone in the hospital, for me I see it as a "positive". Its an empowering feeling to visit a patient and see them smile. It makes me feel close to God and it makes my day. For me its a confidence builder. It reminds me that we should all be grateful for our health. It reassures me that whatever I may be going thru I can handle. It inspires me to hold on to my dreams. I look forward to sharing my happiness with the patients. It feels great because what we say to them is not written down, it comes from the heart. If I could share one gift with them it would be happiness and if I had the power to give them my health I would."

Posted by Rosy, student - May 2015 on May 28, 2015

"Today I went to the hospital with the Angels of Love to give guardian Angels to patients. I am very thankful for getting this opportunity. Although I have volunteered with other organizations, none compare to the Angel of Love program. Going to the hospital really touched my heart in a way that I didn't expect. I cant bring myself to describe the way I felt when I was handling those Angels. Its a very unique feeling that one must feel in order to understand. I cant and wont ever forget this experience, the warm feeling in my heart or the faces of the patients when they received an Angel. Tears form in my eyes when I realize how much we take for granted. I think that the patients I saw today and many other people dealing with life threatening health issues are praying that their illness will get better and they can have their health back, while so many of us throw caution to the wind. I am glad I had the chance to go. I would go again."

Posted by Kevin D. student - May 2015 on May 28, 2015

"This was another really good experience. Very touching that's for sure. This feeling of helping other people, showing them that there are others who support them and the battle they are fighting is nice. In the hopes that it lifted their spirits as much as it did mine. I would do it again. Since having had the opportunity to volunteer once before this time was a little easier to handle. There were definitely some patients that have had a lasting impression with me...for those that let me, I read them a poem and presented them with an Angel. This experience is something I hope and look forward to doing again. I wish more people could have this opportunity."

Posted by Brennan A. student - May 2015 on May 28, 2015

"I had the opportunity to reach out to my community and Visit patients at St. Joseph's Hospital. I have been before, however no one can fully prepare themselves emotionally. This random act of kindness...a little Angel, gives so much. Its a dose of reality. It also helps a person to realize that life needs to be cherished. There was a patient in particular, she is close to my age and it appeared that she was having trouble dealing with her illness and so I gave her the Angel and told her she was beautiful. It made her smile and I felt in my heart a sense of joy that I could make her feel better. For all that she is going thru, this Angel gave her a ton of strength."

Posted by Hander, student - March 2015 on Apr 17, 2015

"This was an experience of a life time. I will never forget it. It made me feel good about myself to give back to the community and do for others. It has given me a new perspective on life in general...to be thankful for what I have and not the things I don't. I know that if I ever feel like life is getting me down all I have to do is remember my visit and the patients that I gave Angels to and how they don't give up. Angels of Love is the best."

Posted by Brennan A., student - March 2015 on Apr 2, 2015

"My visit to the hospital was an experience. I gained so much, first and foremost was that life should never be taken for granted and I saw today these patients fighting to live and it made me see things differently. Its hard to come to grips that those patients that are terminal fight every day, not knowing if God might call them home. I would like to say it was a privilege to visit with the patients."

Posted by Abel O., student - March 2015 on Apr 2, 2015

"My visit to UCI Medical Center was an unforgettable experience that will stay with me for a long time to come. It was both intense and heartbreaking to see patients battling an illness...it allowed me to reminisce how a lot of us take life for granted. There was so much to take in and I found myself so overwhelmed that at one point I broke in to tears. I too have a family member battling cancer, so this visit really hit "home". There were two patients that had a huge impact on me, one patient I visited was unconscious and was attached to a breathing machine. I wished I could do more, but the most I could do was pray and put the Angel next to her. The other patient had family in the room with them and there was so much sadness on their faces. As I gave the Angel their sadness went away and I could see a change from sad to joyous...this little random act of kindness did so much. With tears in their eyes I too began to cry and shared with them my relative that is ill and how we should never lose hope. Nothing can compare to the feeling I felt as I ended my visit to UCI. It was nice to see the smiles."

Posted by Hander R. student - February 2015 on Mar 5, 2015

"Volunteering today at U.C.I. Hospital brought down all the "wall's" for me today. I saw patients who were alone and it was sadness and the feeling of wanting to do more than what I was there for that overwhelmed me. One patient reminded me of my grandma and when she was in the hospital...my heart started pounding, remembering my grandma crying. Words can't even say all of what I was feeling at that very moment, it was more of wanting to cry, because this patient brought a memory that I had put away. It made me see that our lives aren't all too different from one another. The other patient was so happy to see me and my partner...when I looked in to the patient's eyes I could see he was in a lot of pain, I wanted to do so much more. I wished so many things in that instant, I wished that all sickness never existed in the world. I hope to volunteer again, it has given me fulfillment and an experience that I will never forget. "

Posted by Jose G. student - February 2015 on Feb 19, 2015

"My visit to U.C.I. Hospital was my very first and honestly I didn't know what to expect. Seeing patients that couldn't move or even extend their hand for an Angel helped me to realize that I am so lucky to have my health. It also brought joy to my heart that the little Angel I gave them made a difference in their day. There was a patient in particular that stands out in my mind. It was the second room I went in to and the patient seemed a little angry, but we read a poem and then gave the Angel and then the patient's whole attitude changed and we were thanked and then there were tears. A simple gesture of kindness made me feel good and seeing that those tears weren't tears of anger, but of joy. This was a good experience and if I have the opportunity to volunteer again I will."

Posted by David, student - February 2015 on Feb 19, 2015

"This visit to U.C.I. Hospital was an eye-opener...all the confidence I came with went right out the door. On one hand it was nice to see a smile, on the other it was sad to find out that some patients didn't have anyone to comfort them in what probably are their last days. I had one patient tell me that there weren't too many days left and hearing that broke me down. To see how a person accepts that they may be losing the battle...that's a big dose of reality. It helped me to look within myself and look at some of the choices I made and that those choices were non-sense compared to what these patients are going thru. It makes me think of how life is a beautiful thing and that we should cherish it and make the best of each day. This visit has taught me to be thankful for what I have and not to take anything for granted."

Posted by Daniel M. student - February 2015 on Feb 19, 2015

"My experience with the Angels of Love was amazing. I loved being able to make the patients smile and brighten their day. It felt good on so many levels. I look forward to volunteering again. It was a chance that I'm glad I got."

Posted by Cory O. student - February 2015 on Feb 19, 2015

"Today I went to the hospital and saw a lot of people that were very sick. I felt sad for the patients that I saw...having to spend most of their day in bed, how lonely that must be. It was such a nice feeling when I came into their room and gave them an Angel, they smiled even though they were probably in pain. This small little gesture of kindness made a huge difference in their lives and mine too. I wanted to do so much more for them and I felt so helpless. Its hard to define how simply reaching out to a perfect stranger and seeing how this little Angel makes such an impact. This visit made me appreciate my life so much more and to see how precious life is. I think as I go on with my life this visit will always be with me and has shown me that there are choices out there and when its all taken away we are soon faced with what life should be...precious. I hope to continue volunteering with organizations like Angels of Love, it makes me feel good to do good for others. Thank you, this day showed me a lot about myself and thank you Angels of Love for all that you do. It really does make a difference. "

Posted by Christian, student - October 2014 on Nov 20, 2014

"My Angels of Love experience was one I will never forget. It was a visit full of emotions. I soon realized as we walked thru the hallways and as I visited patients, that what they are going thru each day helped me to see that each day is a gift and we should not waste it. They are so much stronger than I could ever be. I also notice that when I gave the Angel to a patient it brought a smile to their face and it seemed to make them feel a little stronger.Having this chance to volunteer really helped me as a person. It made me appreciate all that I have a little more, because these patients would rather switch places with me...literally. Angels of Love has really impacted my life and I feel in my heart that I made them feel good that day. They will always be in my heart and they'll have their guardian Angel with them always."

Posted by Austin F., student - October 2014 on Nov 20, 2014

"Going to the hospital was a touching experience. It made me see things differently. It made me open my eyes, noticing that all these people wanted was to be any place else than in a hospital.I am so very grateful for what I have. It was sad to see these people having to struggle for better health. It gave me a sense of happiness to give them a guardian Angel...it put a smile on their face. God Bless these people and I hope with every bit of love I have in my heart that they get better soon."

Posted by Jason M., student - October 2014 on Nov 20, 2014

"I'd like to take a minute to say thank you to Mr. Cryder and Mrs. Russell and the staff for giving me the opportunity to volunteer with the Angels of Love. We visited UCI Hospital where I got a real eye-opener...there are so many people battling an illness all in the hopes for just another day, it made me realize how so many of us take each day for granted. I got the feeling that each and every one of them would trade places with me in a heartbeat...for better health. Volunteering today with the Angels of Love helped me to look inside myself and to work towards bettering who I want to be and to be thankful for everything, even the little things. Thank you again for the opportunity Mr. Cryder, God Bless you."

Posted by Oscar Z., student - October 2014 on Nov 20, 2014

"Out of all my experiences I have had, my visit to St. Joseph's hospital was by far the most touching, sad and happiest one hands down in my life...this little guardian Angel did so much. I saw patients in serious health conditions making jokes and cry because they were happy to see people take time out of their day to worry about others. I would say it changed my way of thinking, because people that are going through so much in their life, being diagnosed or the family members who seem to have lost hope still trying to keep their lives right and be so respectful. One that really made me feel good was when a man and his wife seemed at a loss for words and couldn't stop smiling. After our visits with the patients I believe we helped them keep up the fight and keep the faith."

Posted by Peter L. student - September 2014 on Sep 19, 2014

"I had the privilege to volunteer again with the Angels of Love on a visit to St. Joseph's Hospital. This time around my "eyes" were way more open to what was going on around me. On the floor we started out on some of the patients were in so much pain that they weren't up for visitors so we went to another floor where there were more patients and the nurses said that the patients would really enjoy having visitors. So we went in to visit and talk to the patients about the Angels of Love organization and to give them an Angel. There was one room that I got to and there were two patients (one in bed "A" and the other in bed "B"). The person in bed "B" was up for visitors and welcomed us to visit with him. The person in bed "A" was a little more hesitant but in the end he let us visit with him too and as we were talking with him and after we gave him an Angel we also read him a poem . We told him how we came to be volunteers for the Angels of Love organization and what school we were from and after we were finished talking with him he started crying and told us that he too had gone to the very same school that were from and had graduated back in the late 80's. It was such a sincere and profound moment that it gave me goosebumps. I'll never forget it and how he told us to set goals for ourselves and how this organization could open "doors" in more ways than we could possibly imagine."

Posted by Emmanuel S. student - August 2014 on Sep 12, 2014

"This was my second opportunity to go with the Angels of Love to St. Joseph's hospital and once again it was a "game changer". It definitely was an eye opener. I gave more Angels out this time and I had so much more confidence in talking with the patients but also with my leadership skills...showing the new volunteers how to approach and what to say to the patients. The reaction from the patients was surprising and how genuinely they liked the little guardian Angel and even more as I told them about the organization. After this trip and for the rest of the day I was emotionally drained in a good way. So I learned after this visit that paying it forward really is a good thing and it made everyone happy including me."

Posted by Alex C. student - August 2014 on Sep 12, 2014

"Going to St. Joseph hospital today I really didn't know what to expect. It was my first time volunteering and I was told what it would be like before hand...I was very nervous and somewhat confused when I got there. I say confused because in my mind and heart I kept wondering what this experience would really be like. It also made me think of my goals and the path that I have set for myself. The first two rooms we went to I had another volunteer hand out the Angels because I didn't know what to expect and I wasn't sure how I would react to the patients who are fighting/battling to stay alive. When I did hand out my first Angel, I was a little bit scared and very nervous. As I walked in and looked at the patient that feeling of scared and nervous went away. The next patient I visited was a bit more for me to see and handle...she had tubes and IV's and all the words in my head were gone. Seeing all that made me look away for a moment so that I could compose myself. When we left the room I was really proud of myself and I was emotional at the same time. After a few more visits with patients I became more comfortable with what I said and I felt so much compassion for what they're going thru. There was one patient that I just couldn't go into her room...she was suffering so much I just couldn't go in. All in all when our visit to St. Joseph's was over I felt real proud of myself, it gave me a sense of reaching out to the community and it also helped me to realize its better to think of others, not just myself."

Posted by Jacob, student - April 2014 on Apr 25, 2014

"I had the opportunity to volunteer with the Angels of Love and my experience was very touching and inspiring...it helped me to realize that life is short and that I need to set my goals and no more playing around. Visiting with the patients really made me think about life and how precious it is. They taught me to be more humble and vulnerable because we as human beings need to cherish what we have. I want to thank all the other volunteers and the support they gave me while I gave Angels to the patients and also Rick for this opportunity."

Posted by Alfunso, Student - April 2014 on Apr 25, 2014

"My experience with the Angels of Love visit was truly profound. A few of the other volunteers and I got the opportunity to visit the cancer ward at UCI Medical Center. During this visit we passed out Angels and shared love in the hopes that our act of kindness might transcend the negative emotions the families and patients are experiencing as a result of the situation. For two years I have been studying and practicing buddhism and there happened to be three buddhist families that I got to visit with. I felt that I was able to connect with them on a deeper level and share a mutual sense of compassion. All these families and patients touched my heart. I feel great that I had the opportunity to bring people with so much suffering a few moments of happiness. I hope this visit shows the patients that people really do care and that it brings them happiness just by the thought. I can't wait to do this again. "

Posted by Luke, student - February 2014 on Mar 13, 2014

"This was my second time visiting the hospital and even though it was a little easier there's always a hard part. Its only hard because I can't do something more for them. I love giving them the Angels and comforting them. It brings me peace in my mind to let them know that they're in my prayers and seeing them smile. Its a reminder to appreciate the little things and to be thankful."

Posted by Liliana, student - February 2014 on Mar 13, 2014

"Today I went to UCI Hospital and went to visit patients and deliver Angels. I really enjoy bringing a smile to their faces. I have always felt inside me that I like to help and to make someone feel better. Giving of myself has helped me cope with things that used to be hard for me. It has reaffirmed in my my mind and heart that we shouldn't take this life for granted and that the people in those beds would give anything to have a fresh start on life. The way I'm going to show that I care for them is to succeed."

Posted by Alfonso, student - February 2014 on Mar 13, 2014

"My experience at the Angles of Love was very touching, why?...well it refreshed my memory that life should not be taken for granted. It also made me feel sad. Often times I find myself praying to God, being ever thankful that I have my health and my whole life ahead of me. I know in my heart that those patients I visited today would've given anything not to be there and not to be battling for their life. We all need to be thankful for what we have."

Posted by Alfonso, student - January 2014 on Jan 24, 2014

"I have been fortunate to have another opportunity to vounteer with the Angels of Love again. So, I felt it was my responsibilty to help the new volunteer students. I took the leader role and helped on what to say and what to expect when giving the Angel. There came a point that I was showing a fellow volunteer in front of quite a few people and it made me a little nervous. So I told myself that if I can't take the lead now, then when...so I pushed thru it. By the end of the visit I felt like a true leader and more confident. So much was gained today, I learned that an act of kindness can help others tremendously and ourselves too."

Posted by Abraham, student - January 2014 on Jan 24, 2014

"My experience at the hospital visit was heartwrenching. On the way there I wasn't sure of what to expect, but as I entered the first room I could almost feel their pain and I knew what I had to say. I said to them what I would've wanted somebody to say to me. I felt for them and as I spoke to them and handed them the Angel I was wishing I could do so much more for them. I realize now how much more I should value what I have, especially the little things. I noticed how the patients took everyday as a blessing and that nothing was too small, even an Angel. They enjoyed us coming and visiting with them and they appreciated our prayers for them. That helped me to see inside myself and to appreciate all that I have. So many times I have taken things for granted and had forgotten to be thankful for all the little things. The experience taught me how to once again be thankful for those things because life doesn't owe us anything, we owe it to ourselves and to each other to live life to the fullest. This hospital visit has allowed me to see the value of life and to be all the more compassionate."

Posted by Liliana, student - January 2014 on Jan 24, 2014

"Today I experienced an Angles of Love hospital visit. In presenting the Angel to a patient I felt it very heartwarming and knowing that I made someone's day a little brighter. One visit stood out the most...the very first person I spoke to was the daughter of a patient, her name was Lilly. When I presented the Angel she got so emotional, I almost cried too. I really just wanted to give her a hug and I was glad that I was able to give her the Angel. All the patients I spoke with today seemed very grateful and I feel like this helped me feel better for reaching out to our community. It was nice not to be judged...I could see in all the patients eyes that this random act of kindness really made a difference in their day and that felt good."

Posted by Crystal, student - January 2014 on Jan 24, 2014

"My visit to the hospital was very touching. I've never had someone close to me sick, so I had never seen what that was like. I can't imagine what their families are going thru. It was my first experience and it felt nice doing something positive. I could really tell how much they enjoyed the Angels because their faces would light up. Seeing patients in intensive care really moved me. I feel like it has to be very hard to have a loved one going thru that, some couldn't even talk or move when I gave them an Angel. I couldn't even try to imagine trading places with them...It makes me think that if things in my life are getting bad, I can just remember my visit and how the patients fight everyday just to live. I am really glad I had the opportunity to experience this. It makes me realize my life isn't as bad as I think it is sometimes. I'm grateful to have had this experience and would definetly volunteer again. "

Posted by Jazzmin, student - November 2013 on Dec 5, 2013

"The experience I had volunteering with the Angels of Love was very inspirational. When I first gave an Angel to a patient I got really nervous and hesitant, because it was hard for me to see another human being having to fight to live. It made me think about my own life and the choices we make that makes us who we are. Some people choose drugs or alcohol,making it a hard road to travel. The visit helped me to see possibilities in my life and that I should be grateful for what I have and it also helped me to see how the patients didn't have that choice. This visit made me think about the road I have been traveling on and to be more grateful for what I have."

Posted by Joseph, student - November 2013 on Dec 5, 2013

"This trip to the hospital felt different, I have gone a few times before and I thought I was used to it, I wasn't. I was more of the leader and there were two new voulnteers,so it was their first time. After all my visits and knowing how all the patients fight everyday and how they never give up...It gave me the courage to be a leader this time. I helped the new volunteers present the Angel, I could see how much they got out of it. The visit ended for me, feeling so much pride and confidence."

Posted by Abraham, student - November 2013 on Nov 22, 2013

"The experience from going to the hospital for me was good, it was SOUL lifting. It wasn't anything like I had expected...I thought I was going to see patients who were sad, but it was just the opposite. I could see in their eyes how much they wanted to live and have this battle with illness done and gone. There was one lady that I gave an Angel to, and it made her cry...they were tears of thankfulness and happiness and her family saw how it made her feel and the whole family said thank you. I hadn't ever presented an Angel before and I had knots in my stomach, I wasn't sure on what to say. I didn't even know where I should focus my eyes...a patients eyes have so much feeling and strength to live. I knew looking into them would reach places inside me that I had put away. The patients really got to me, they fight everyday and they have to live in the hospital, some will even be there for months hooked up to machines. Afterwards, leaving the hospital I felt grateful for what I have...my health."

Posted by Kevin, student - November 2013 on Nov 22, 2013

"My experience with the Angels of Love visit was really emotional for me. It broke my heart everytime I went into a patients room. I realized that there is so much more than what I am and what is in my "world". There are people who are dealing on a daily basis just to stay alive, and I saw that on my visit. It also helped me to see that what I have is my health and I can leave the hospital and they wouldn't be able to do that. I was so nervous when I gave my first Angel...reaching out to the patient gave me a feeling I hadn't felt in a long time. Its easier to see that while on this earth, we all need to live our life with God in our hearts and pray for those who are suffering and fighting just to have a life. Its inspiring to see the patients make everyday precious. Its an eye-opener."

Posted by Mike, student - November 2013 on Nov 22, 2013

"My experience at St. Joseph's hospital was really incredible and emotional. I love the fact that I was able to help others. Helping, giving back to the community is a total adrenaline rush...It is such an overwhelming feeling and It fills me up inside making me want to do this more. I even had an opportunity to help a patient move from one room to another...kinda cool. To me, giving Angels and seeing the smiles, in a way says, "Thank you" to those who helped my little brother. Its heartwarming to know that the gift from a complete stranger can change their day and that we are praying for them too. I would like thank Mr. Cryder and Ms. Russel for this opportunity."

Posted by Jose, student - November 2013 on Nov 22, 2013

"My experience with the Angels of Love hospital visit was really powerful and emotional. Every time I stepped into a room and saw a patient, It just broke my heart. Every step I took made me grateful for all that I have...that everyday these patients are struggling just to take a step, to have their life back, free of illness. I saw a woman crying and for most of my time there all I could see in my mind was her face and those tears, it was like a knife in my chest. Its amazing how a little Angel can give so much hope...and happiness. It just keeps reaffirming to me how lucky I am and not to take my life for granted. They fight to stay alive and not one day goes by for them to not keep up the battle, they wont quit. It all seems so pointless to be young and sometimes giving in to peer pressure when I see these patients courage to just live one more day...it really put things in perspective and a sense of pride to do better things and walk with pride."

Posted by Juan, student - November 2013 on Nov 22, 2013

"My experience at the hospital was different from my previous visit. I felt so empathetic. Each and every time that I've been fortunate to go on the hospital visits it always makes me realize how good my own life is, how its so easy to take advantage of life. All the patients that I visited with are wonderful and I wish they didn't have to battle for their lives...they don't deserve to go thru this. So, every night and mornings too, I pray for them. It is a blessing to go to the hospital and let the patients know that there are people, strangers out there that care about them and they're not alone."

Posted by Evelyn, student - November 2013 on Nov 22, 2013

"Today was a special day. I was able to help people in need, maybe not physically, but spiritually. In all honesty it was very emotional for me, visiting the patients today. The things that I have going on in my life doesn't even begin to compare to what the patient's were going thru.I honestly pray for the patient's, not just them but everyone else that is struggling in their lives. I thank Ms. Russel and Rick for giving me this time to voulnteer. It felt good to help others. People always go to help my little brother, now I know the feeling...the selfless feeling of being kind to another person. For me this was really a changing day for me and I would like to keep doing this. This visit filled my heart and it makes me want to pray more, more than usual and maybe God will hear my prayers. Today was a "one of a kind" day. I can't wait to do it again. Thank you."

Posted by Jose, student - October 2013 on Oct 10, 2013

"The visit to the hospital was something I'd never experienced before. I will never forget it.. I have never really had the chance to do a good deed for someone else, so I was a little nervous the first time I entered a patients room. I was nervous. When I saw how another volunteer presented the Angel, I felt I could do it too. The first one went well and it gave me so much more confidence that I wanted to keep giving Angels. It was emotional and heartbreaking for me all at the same time. Seeing patients suffering, but still being so strong...I had never seen that before. The words that they said to me were priceless, how me giving them an Angel made their day and it filled my heart. I am glad that I had this opportunity. It was life changing for me. "

Posted by Luis, student - October 2013 on Oct 10, 2013

"Each time I've gone to the hospital I have come away with another point of view that makes me reflect more. When I go into a patients room it makes me feel a bit sad at first, but after I give them an Angel I feel that wave of happiness come over me. I enjoy reaching out to others and sharing my love and support in their time of need. Even after I leave their room I pray that they will recover. I have lost family members myself, and I know the intense pain that their families must feel. This motivates me and encourages me to keep helping others. I know that the patients are happy that there are young people that really care about them. This is what the program has given me...the ability to not worry about myself, but to consider others. God gives everyone a talent and I am blessed, learning to be unselfish. Thank you for the opportunity to reach out to others and learn a little bit more about myself."

Posted by Jonathan, student - October 2013 on Oct 10, 2013

"My Angels of Love experience was good. I enjoyed spending time with the patients and giving them an Angel. We went to a floor where some of the patients were battling heart problems or kidney disease. While on this floor I saw a man walking down the aisle, he looked like his struggle with his illness was getting the better of him...It brought tears to my eyes. I went into a room with a man in it and when he saw me and that I had an Angel, all I saw was happiness come over his face...he was just so happy and he said it was the best thing he had ever gotten. He said that he was having surgery on the following Monday and that he was going to take it with him. It felt good to visit with the patients and help them to feel better."

Posted by Diana G. student - June 2013 on Jul 26, 2013

"Having the opportunity to go to St. Joseph's Hospital again put a smile on my face, knowing that I could help brighten someone's day. It gave me feeling of giving back to the community, and helped me to feel that I am making progress in my life. These patients I visited with, fighting for their lives helped me to value my life so much more. There were two patients that stood out to me...one patient was a woman that was going thru a really bad illness, this was the first time I had to suit up just to go in to a room. Sadness and grief showered over me while I was with her and there was another woman who's husband felt strongly about his wife's struggle, that it's not fair how young people today take life for granted. Then he saw me walk in with an Angel and was surprised, happy and glad that a "young" person was doing something productive in life. This was a nice experience."

Posted by Jonathan R. student June 2013 on Jul 26, 2013

"This is not my first visit to the hospital with Angels of Love, the experience is always different. It always makes my day to tell people that we are there for them. This time I've been thinking a lot about how we felt when we went to a different floor...we all felt different and I was thinking that the way we felt was seeing the patients in bed and that they weren't able to get up. I think when they see us and we have a big smile on our face it helps to make them smile too. It made my day to see someone smile and help to brighten their day too. Its a blessing to have this opportunity. It was truly an awesome day, and I am very thankful for this opportunity and wouldn't have changed it for anything."

Posted by Refugia R. student June 2013 on Jul 26, 2013

"This trip to the hospital was very nice. I went with a lot of confidence. I actually felt that I had a purpose and a goal to achieve. For me, that goal was to put hope and a smile on the patients. When I walked into their room I didn't feel nervous. I knew what my mission was and what I had to do to achieve it. I felt pretty good about what I did. I feel that this experience has made me a better person. If I have the opportunity I would like to do it again."

Posted by Abraham H. student June 2013 on Jul 26, 2013

"Going to UCI Hospital was a feeling that is hard to explain. It was real sad to be there seeing so many people battling to live, while so many of us are careless with the life we have. It was nice to visit these patients. I met a patient named Travis and it really "hit home" because he and I are almost the same age and although my life isn't perfect I am not in the hospital having to battle an illness. I felt as though Travis would have given anything to trade places with any of us...even just for a moment. Giving Angels to the patients made me feel good and also letting them know that there are people out there that are praying for them. I also saw another patient and she spoke spanish...she brought a smile to my face, even though she's here going through so much she was still smiling. I know a lot has to do with her having faith in God. I visited one more patient and when she saw the Angel she asked me how much it was...I told her it was for her to keep and that were all praying for her. She gave me a hug. It felt so good to receive that hug. I would never change this experience."

Posted by Refugia - student March2013 on Apr 4, 2013

"When we went to UCI it was a major "eye-opener" for me. It made me appreciate life on a new level. While these patients are battling whatever illness they are battling...their bodies fighting to deal with all the medications, as it leaves them frail, I can see how many of us take life for granted. There are those who do drugs or smoke cigarrette's and maybe even being in jail. While we were giving out the Angels, I saw people cry because finally they weren't alone in what can be a very lonely place even though there were doctor's and nurses everywhere. Here we are living like nothing will ever touch us and all they are trying to do is fight to just get thier lives back. "

Posted by Brendon D.F. - student March 2013 on Apr 4, 2013

"My experience I had today on my first field trip with the Angels of Love was cool. I loved it a lot because the people I met touched my heart. When I saw Travis he remembered me and my aunt who passed away from liver cancer. Then I heard that Travis had been through eighteen surguries...I felt it was a miracle and right from there I knew that God was with him all the way. I am looking forward to going to the hospital again."

Posted by Ysrael N. (student) - February 2013 on Mar 7, 2013

"Angels of Love was a big experience for me because my mom has cancer and I know how it feels to see a loved one battling. So I really enjoyed going on Valentine's Day because it really touched their hearts that there are people of all walks of life who care about them. God sent me to UCI Hospital to share my love with them and to get out of my comfort zone, to learn new things. At the end it really made me feel good about myself because I never thought I could be the man I am today to share my strength and hope with my classmates, teacher's and patient's. This really opened my eyes because we as kids never really think that we are going to die one day...so we say we don't care, when anyone of the patient's I met would trade places with me and not have to be batttling cancer. That really stayed in my mind, all day. So, I want to thank Mrs. Russell, Rick and the student council for letting me take part in the Angels of Love program."

Posted by Jonathan R. (student) - February 2013 on Mar 7, 2013

"My visit to UCI Hospital was amazing. There was some emotional blockage which disrupted my ability to be straight forward with some patients. Being able to go through that reminded me that letting go of the "uncontrollable" allows me to process those feelings. I felt very grateful for being able to give those Angels to others, because it makes me feel like I am giving back what was so freely given to me. I would go back any day, even though it was a little rough emotionally. I've always been one to enjoy helping or doing something for someone when I can. I felt like being there in the hospital was a part of a good working program. I also felt very glad and grateful that I was not in their "shoes" battling cancer. It sounds selfish for me to say that, but it really showed me what I have to be grateful for. Bottom line, I felt very glad afterwards. Also, thanking the nurses felt good too, because it was such a random act of kindness...that I felt what they were feeling. I hope to continue volunteering with the Angels of Love program and Rick."

Posted by Dylan L. (student) - February 2013 on Mar 7, 2013

" My Angels of Love experience was sad, It was really hard to hand out the Angels to the patient's delicate hands. When we first got to the hospital we visited this one guy...he looked sick, it broke my heart when we would speak to him and he barely could speak back to us. He reminded me of my dad. This experience gives me a heads up not to take life for granted because you never know what's going to happen. There is no place I'd rather be on Valentine's Day than handing out Angels to people who have cancer. So we can give them hope and make them feel loved. It brought a smile to my face to see patients happy when they would receive their Angel. I really do have hope for these people, I believe they can keep battling cancer. It was a great experience and is a blessing to get to do these kinds of things."

Posted by Diana G. (student) - February 2013 on Mar 7, 2013

"Wow...God works miracles in lives. Today was my first time going with the Angels of Love and it was amazing. The happiness on the faces of those receiving Angels was priceless; on top of it all I got to see my grandma, who just had open heart surgery along with my dad who is taking care of her. God definitely worked a miracle in my life today. I never thought I was going to be able to see her and my dad too. I always wondered what people meant when they would talk about these miracles that happen to them when they followed God and how they felt. This to me was a real eye opener and brought my faith 100%. God truly answered my prayers, I now believe for a fact he is here with you and me. Another thing that stuck out to me was when I was presenting my first Angel. I was very nervous, but right when I walked in the room I could tell he was my brother in Christ, by the feeling I got. Right then all my fear went away and he sat there with a smile on his face, even though the situation he is in. When we were walking out he looked up at the ceiling and said to himself, "Thank you God" even thinking about it now makes me emotional. Something else that really stuck with me was this quote from a lady with cancer said, "Don't worry, because worrying will kill you quicker than cancer". This really hit home because I always worry about everything to the extreme. It's something I'm trying to work on, so hearing it from her brought me hope. With this I would like to end it with my grandma's favorite verse, Psalms 139:1-8 O Lord, you looked through me and have known me. You know when I sit down and when I get up. You understand my thoughts from far away. You look over my path and my lying down. You know all my ways very well, even before I speak a word. O lord you know it all. You laid your hand upon me. All you know is too great for me. It is too much for me to understand. Where can I go from your spirit? Or where can I run away from where you are? If I go up to heaven, you are there! If I make my bed in the place of the dead you are there. "

Posted by Tyler - Student, October 2012 on Oct 24, 2012

"When I went to the hospital visit at St. Joseph's I got to talk and present Angels to people that have cancer and to people that are battling other illnesses. The person that really got to me was when a lady came up to our group as we were praying. She asked me if we could pray for her and her son that had just passed away the night before and to pray for her not to struggle with her loss. I presented her an Angel to protect her and to help keep her strong and to always look out for her. The reason why that one got to me the most was because that made me think of my siblings, especially my little brother...it was an over whelming feeling, to imagine feeling what that lady was feeling, would be too much to handle. I don't know that I would be able to control myself, I would go crazy. Reality hit hard and made me think to stop now. "

Posted by Jim l. - Student, October 2012 on Oct 24, 2012

"I am a 19yr old kid who has many difficulties in his life. My experience at St. Joseph's gave me the opportunity to look at my life from a point of understanding that life is always going to have hardships, but it's the way you handle them that allow you to move on in life. I am grateful that I am able to give back to others in this way...giving Angels of hope, because it is what we are called to do by God, to be here for one another and be a support when "we" are going through times of loneliness or hurt. Every patient had their own experience, every one of them were grateful for the Angel and blessed us in God's name as we gave them our Angel of hope. It is amazing to see these patients with an uplifting spirit with the illness they are battling. We as humans get worried, angry, depressed, and lonely and think that our life is going through the roughest time that no one is going through worse, but if we were to look at ourselves today we'd see that we are perfectly fine with our health and we worry so much about things outside of our control and think we have a problem. The reason is because we only think about ourselves and don't look at the people that we can help. It was very difficult for us to see these people going through what they are going through, I'm speaking for everyone because I believe that in this world we are all selfless people if we look inside ourselves...because there were ages as young as 4yrs to 94yrs old. To see this was very sad but also encouraging because now I can live a life of giving, a life of hope, happiness and service to people around me. I asked God to help me write this letter because I was struggling from the start and as you can see God has filled me with blessings and he can to you too if you have faith. May God bless you. There was a patient that said to us, "don't worry because it'll kill you faster than cancer". "

Posted by Jorge, student - october 2012 on Nov 7, 2012

"One thing I experienced in the hospital visit was a 94yr old woman, who inspite of just having gone through surgery was very happy. She explained that she has lived a long life and that God is not ready for her yet. That lady just stayed in my mind...because she reminded me of my grandmother. Her facial expression said that she was so happy to see us, and that made my day. I will never forget when a lady told my partner and I, "Don't worry too much because it will kill you more than cancer". That is going to stick with me forever. Angels of Love has made me see life as much more valuable than I had ever thought before. "

Posted by Israel, student - October 2012 on Nov 7, 2012

"My experience I had today with Angels of Love was very inspiring for me seeing young innocent people fighting for their lives broke my heart in two. My time at UCI Hospital made me realize life is too short and that we shouldn't take our lives for granted. It also made me think God works in many mysterious ways and he planned out how our lives would be and young adults and young children who have cancer are very strong. I give them so much respect for going thru this hard time in their young precious lives. So, when I was able to give them an Angel and let them know I care and I'm praying for them at night. Just seeing a smile on their beautiful young face's was so heartwarming and it meant a lot to me that they can see other people besides their family cares. What really touched my heart was seeing a school teacher fight for her life and being 7 months pregnant. I really look up to her because even though she's going thru something so sad and horrible she had such a beautiful smile. I really wish her the best and hope she gets better. She's one of the strongest women I've ever seen. So I am proud to be a part of the Angels of Love. "

Posted by Annette M. - student October 2012 on Oct 24, 2012

"My experience I had today with Angels of Love was very inspiring for me seeing young innocent people fighting for their lives broke my heart in two. My time at UCI Hospital made me realize life is too short and that we shouldn't take our lives for granted. It also made me think God works in many mysterious ways and he planned out how our lives would be and young adults and young children who have cancer are very strong. I give them so much respect for going thru this hard time in their young precious lives. So, when I was able to give them an Angel and let them know I care and I'm praying for them at night. Just seeing a smile on their beautiful young face's was so heartwarming and it meant a lot to me that they can see other people besides their family cares. What really touched my heart was seeing a school teacher fight for her life and being 7 months pregnant. I really look up to her because even though she's going thru something so sad and horrible she had such a beautiful smile. I really wish her the best and hope she gets better. She's one of the strongest women I've ever seen. So I am proud to be a part of the Angels of Love. "

Posted by Annette, student - September 2012 on Sep 7, 2012

"My angels of Love experience. Getting the privilege to go on a trip to UCI was a huge event for me. It has most definitely made an impact on my life getting the joy filled in my heart, seeing the bright smile on the face of the patient felt good as we handed the Angel into their delicate hands. I have never had an experience like this before. It completely broke my heart to see these people fighting for their lives. I realized a lot. I realized that there are people in danger of losing their lives or losing a loved one, while I complain about living a hard life. Now that I have seen how life is like for these people it would be very selfish of me to even begin to complain about my life being difficult. An experience such as this one will definitely shape my heart. Seeing the pregnant teacher really got to me the most. I was shocked at how she was handling the illness. She had a huge beautiful smile across her face, though she was fighting for her life and her unborn baby's life. It felt really good letting the patients know that we're thinking about them and that they're in our prayers. "

Posted by Annika, student - September 2012 on Sep 7, 2012

"I sit and wonder what will happen to those kids we have visited from the hospital. It made me sad out of the times that when I was struggling with my life. I wish I could take their pain away and let me suffer and let them start a life. I would have their sickness for them and they can experience childhood. Leaving everything behind and let them be happy. I feel empty and I had a stomach ache when I was walking around seeing a girl struggling to get on her two feet. Let her have my strength and legs. I feel like I don't deserve this life I have but I am who I am and the person upstairs made me for a purpose. I am being grateful for passing my message and Angels to the young because it made me realize that all the pain and rejection I carried can't compare to the pain and suffering they have. I saw the eyes of a stranger that made me think that my pain I had is in the past. It is time for Josh to hit his personal reset button and move on with my suffering I carried my whole life. I am picking up the broken pieces and putting every atom in my body back where they belong. Those kids are not alone and so I am not. I am a miracle and have been blessed. "

Posted by Josh A., Student - September 2012 on Sep 7, 2012

"I enjoyed being at UCI. This Wednesday was an experience for me because I got to present these Angels to these wonderful people and kids and I felt really happy, but at the same time really sad because I saw these people that were suffering and about to die and others that got burned and it's really hard to walk away and never see them again. I gave them all my love and wished them hope and just wished to get more time to speak with them, but what I got to do is pray for them and their families. I also considered them as my family. I wished that I could do something to help them even if it takes me to donate anything of me. I mean like my liver, my heart, my hair,whatever they need just to help them. In the future I am willing to sign a donor card. I really want to thank Ms. Russell and the chaplain for getting me into the Angels of Love because I enjoy talking with these beautiful people and I also love them with all my heart. I also want to thank everyone for letting me participate in the program because I really wanted to be in it. So, thank God I got to participate in it. "

Posted by Doug, student - September 2012 on Sep 7, 2012

"When I went to UCI last week with the Angels of Love and my classmates it was both great to be visiting and sad at the same time. It was a new experience for me because I've never gone to UCI before, I've only been to St. Joseph's Hospital. I also haven't been to the burn ward before, so that was new for me too. When I presented an Angel to a little kid he had a third degree burn on his leg. He was in a little red wagon, he looked calm but deep inside of him he was hurting, I could see it in his eyes. I didn't really present that many Angels this time on our hospital visit. We had new classmates on our Angels of Love visit, so we were letting them present Angels to the patients. I look forward to going to the hospital again."

Posted by Diego, student - September2012 on Sep 7, 2012

"My experience over at the UCI hospital was great. I made people feel good. I made them feel that there's people out there that really care about them. I felt sad but yet happy for them cause they were in a good place. I met a CIA agent who was blessed to see me. He was a talking about his career. He was being joyful! I felt like crying when I met the little old lady that was saying that God was good,that was one of the best experiences of my life. It was great! All of those people are in my prayers "

Posted by Allen B., student - September 2012 on Sep 7, 2012

"Giving back to my community is something that I did today. I was going from room to room in UCI hospital talking to patients in the cancer unit. The first room I went to started off great. It was a friendly patient who was grateful and happy. The second was another grateful, happy person who thought we should get rewarded or be able to get community service hours, but she didn’t know we were part of a volunteer program. We got to another wonderful person and we presented her the Angel of Love. We told her “when you leave, take it home”. She said “thank you, it will have a special place.” All this comes down to me giving out a random act of kindness to the sick that need it. I do this with happiness and it comes from the bottom of my heart. "

Posted by Jonathan S. - student - May 2012 on May 25, 2012

"Each time I visit the hospital, I get a different feeling. This time I felt grateful. It made me appreciate the smaller things in life. This time we took a visit to the heart section of the hospital and it was hard to see. But every time I give out an Angel it makes me feel like a better person. Angels of love is a good program and I plan on sticking around. "

Posted by Ron D. - student - May 2012 on May 25, 2012

"My experience was very frightening because of one specific thing I went through. We had to suit up and wear gloves into a room. When we presented her the angel, I felt very overwhelmed because of what she was going through. I wish I was able to work on a cure for her. There was another patient who had no hair, which reminded me of someone I knew who went through the same thing. I saw her left hand and she had a ring on her finger. I wanted to give her a hug, but I know she was glad we were there and thinking of her. I feel sorry and said, but it also felt good letting people know that we were thinking of them."

Posted by Josh A. - student - May 2012 on May 25, 2012

"Today was a good day. I went to UCI with student council and presented Angels of Love to cancer patients. It was a little different from the first time, I wasn’t as nervous as last time, because I knew what was expected, but it was still a unique experience. I found a new natural high. Being self-less feels really good; not only making people feel comfortable and happy, but not having the attention on me feels very refreshing. When people are hurt or in a bad situation, they like to feel comfort and supported. How would I feel if someone said they were praying for me and supporting me? I would feel really special and that I was not alone. It’s hard to go through life’s difficult obstacles alone. Having someone there to help you gives you hope and hidden strength to go through tough times. Some of those patients might remember us and some won’t, but they will cherish what we did and use that to help someone else. That’s all that matters, knowing that you are affecting someone in a positive way. "

Posted by Joe - student - May 2012 on May 25, 2012

"On Wednesday, I went to UCI with the Angels of Love. It was my first time going to give Angels to cancer patients. I went with five other students and three adults. This experience made me think about my life and what I was doing with it. When I went to give out Angels I saw the patients and how they were in a lot of pain. Even though they were in pain, I could see in their faces that they were happy that someone was there to see and talk to them. When I was in the hospital I wondered if we were the only ones they would see. The first room I went into I got nervous and messed up my speech, but I don’t think they patient cared, because we were there. That was what made him happy. When I went in the room, it made me feel like I was finally doing something good for someone else. Next time I have the privilege of going to the hospital, I will be prepared with my speech, and I won’t be as nervous and will go into more rooms. I am glad I had this experience and would recommend it to my peers. "

Posted by Jese H. - student - May 2012 on May 25, 2012

"On Friday, April 20th, I, along with my peers, went to St. Joseph’s hospital to talk to and give Angels to the cancer patients, with the Angels of Love program. Every time I talked to patients, I could tell that they were happy, just by looking in their eyes. I could see the happiness, even though I just said a few words of encouragement and gave them an Angel. When I read the poem, they always tell me they appreciate it and say thank you. I’m glad to know that I can make a person in need’s day, because they really do make mine. "

Posted by Jonathan S. - Student - April 2012 on May 4, 2012

"This was my second visit to the hospital. I always enjoy going to the hospital, and feel like I’ve made someone’s day when I leave. My first visit to the hospital was intense, because I had to deal with a lot of emotions. The second time to the hospital was much easier. Every room I go into, I come out feeling like a better person. I really enjoy the Angels of Love program and plan on going to the hospital many more times."

Posted by Ron D. - student - April 2012 on May 4, 2012

"My words in this paper will express how I felt and what I experienced seeing people suffer through cancer or fighting for their lives. It was really sad. I felt myself hopelessly throwing my life away. For the longest time I was trying to find a meaning in my life. Now I was seeing people on tubes and wires telling me to make a difference in my life. Some of these people were trying to walk, taking baby steps after a surgery. I felt so sorry, I felt I wanted to do more, but there was only so much I could do. At first, I felt unhappy walking around not helping them, but keeping them in my prayers. They felt thankful we were there and thinking of them. A guy was smiling at me because we gave him an angel. He thought it was really nice. All I did was give him a smile. I just offered the patients open arms and love. Seeing people that I might not see again made me feel thankful for my life. I never felt so alive "

Posted by Josh A. student - April 2012 on May 4, 2012

"Today was a pretty good day. I went to St. Joseph’s hospital and gave Angels of Love to cancer patients, who were undergoing treatment. It was really crazy because I’ve never done anything for cancer patients. It felt good to do a self-less act. We gave an Angel to one lady and she started crying. It felt really good to do something nice for someone else and see them be genuinely happy. At first I was really nervous, but then every room I went to after the first was better and better. One man said he would cherish the Angel I gave him. I get influenced really easy and when he said that I really thought about my life and how I should be grateful for what I have. I really am looking forward to doing that again. "

Posted by Joe - Student - April 2012 on May 4, 2012

"Going to UCI hospital really made me grateful for my life. I’ve never seen something so dramatic, intense and hurtful. I saw these human beings, like you and I, that were put in a serious situation and it really opened my eyes. I wanted to help these sick people, but all I could do was talk to them and pray. I was so hurt that these people were chosen to get the disease of cancer, but of course they didn’t want it. It sucked to see them lying in the hospital, just helpless, not knowing if each second could be their last breath. They are just sitting there hoping for a miracle. I couldn’t believe my eyes, seeing this lady with no hair and no eye brows. She didn’t know how much longer she was going to live. She didn’t speak English, so I couldn’t understand what she was saying, but she was grateful we came in. There was another lady, who was a Buddhist and had traveled all over the world. She was born in Japan, was educated in China and worked in Italy. Then she moved to the USA and ended up in the hospital with cancer. There was an older man who had to wear a mask, because he had no immune system. Anything could have killed him. Then there was a lady who her cancer had left her body and she was healed and getting healthy again. All these people have to go through a crazy treatment to get better, with only a 50% chance if they are going to live or die. I felt really good that we got to put a smile on their faces for at least a minute. I was happy that we got to give them a gift and pray for them. It made me more grateful for my life. I feel selfish for my past because I used to be really depressed and used a lot of drugs and alcohol to try and cure my pain of living, when all it did was make more problems. Seeing them helped me want to live and actually want to do something with my life. A man named Frank told us we have our whole lives ahead of us, so we should do something, and that gave me a lot of motivation to do great with my life. I know I will look at life in a different way and actually give myself a chance. "

Posted by Sara W. - student Dec. 2011 on Feb 17, 2012

"Today was my first day participating in Angels of Love. It was a life chance experience and a neat one as well. I got the opportunity to visit cancer patients at UCI hospital and interact with them. Presenting these Angels of Love and seeing the smiles on the patient’s faces gave me an amazing feeling inside. I had never personally seen anybody suffering with cancer and it makes me appreciate my health. I feel blessed that I got to lighten up these patient’s faces. Angels of Love is such an amazing program and I am happy I got to take part in it. I will keep those patients in my prayers. "

Posted by Andrea - student Dec. 2011 on Feb 17, 2012

"This past Wednesday, I had the privilege of going along with the Angels of Love to St. Joe’s Hospital to present Angels to the patients. I was not only nervous, but excited to be a part of this experience. As I waited with Rick and the pastoral team from the hospital, I said a silent prayer to myself, asking for strength to present the Angels to those in need. The students arrived and I saw the same excitement and nervousness in each of their eyes as we said our group prayer and made our way to the oncology floor. As we entered the first few rooms, I saw the students come alive, informing each patient who they were and that they wanted to present them with the Angel to let them know others were thinking of them and praying for them. My nerves went into overdrive when Rick handed me an Angel and told me it was my turn. I walked into the room of a young man, and presented him with the Angel. The look of gratitude and peace on his face was one I will not forget. In another room we met a young woman, who was positive and uplifting. She stated that God was protecting her and she knew He had a plan for her. The next room we entered was probably the most touching for me. Inside we met a woman, her mother and brother. The patient has been treated for cancer numerous times in the past 2 years. She talked with us about how everyone around her had faith and believed, but she could never understand how if there was God he would keep putting her through this. She stated that during this last hospitalization, she was doing a lot of praying and believed she was ready to accept God as her savior. She informed us that us coming to see her that day was her sign. She then asked the hospital Chaplain to pray with her as she accepted God into her life. I could go on for pages and pages trying to describe everything I learned in those short 2 hours, but truth is, it was an experience that words cannot even begin to describe. I saw students, coming from various backgrounds touching lives. I saw a woman accept God into her life, because of the Angel we presented. I saw smiles and tears of appreciation and hope. The stained glass Angels were not the only Angels in those hospital rooms that day. The patients, students and Rick were Angels, Angels of Love. "

Posted by Stephanie - Dec. 2011 on Feb 17, 2012

"So yet again, I have been given the privilege by the Grace of God to attend another visit to St. Joseph’s hospital with Angels of Love. This was going to be my second time visiting with the patients, so I sort of had an idea of what to expect. I had been told before that every trip is a completely different experience from the ones before that you never really know how it is going to turn out. In this case, that statement was very true. We began entering patient’s rooms with their permission to present them with the gift of the handcrafted Angel of Love and the short speech done by myself or another person. After the first few, my level of confidence grew and I was less nervous. I felt as if God was right there with me in every room, just watching the whole process unfold. The emotions were back again as we progressed. Some were sad, hopeless, comforting, helpless and then there was happiness. There was a patient that had such a great spirit and uplifting attitude about life, regardless of her current situation, that just made me feel awesome. I knew God was working in her life. We came to a door, where nurses were in working with the patient. A family member, the patient’s brother, came and told us how appreciative they would be if we would wait a few minutes to come in. We did and when we entered the room, I saw a very sick lady who was clearly in a lot of pain. She was trembling and stuttering, fighting back tears as she spoke to us and listened to our presentation of the Angel. I felt her pain and could see her suffering through her eyes and wanted so badly to help her, but did not know how. I really felt helpless. I remember her crying and saying how she wanted to accept Christ as her Savior. She wanted what we had, Faith in the Lord. The chaplain explained to her that she could and we all prayed around her, for her. She was so thankful for our visit and looked as if she didn’t want us to leave. I couldn’t stop thinking about the emotional and spiritual experience I had just had in that room that day and prayed for her later that night. My second trip with the Angels of Love was yet another priceless moment that I will always cherish and never forget. "

Posted by Logan M. - student Dec. 2011 on Feb 17, 2012

"Today I went to a hospital and talked to people who had cancer. This was my first time ever doing anything like this. I never thought that I would ever be doing anything like this, but now that I have, I will never let the opportunity pass by. I think this is one of the greatest things that I have done in my life. Seeing how happy we made some of the people that we visited sincerely brought joy to my heart. I saw a lady crying because we came and presented her with the Angel. She really appreciated that we came. I was really grateful that they allowed us to do that. I was almost brought to tears by a couple of patients that we spoke to; just seeing them smile when we came was a treasure. I used to think that life was a game and was just wasting my time, but now I realize how precious life it. I look forward to presenting more Angels. "

Posted by James S. - Student Dec. 2011 on Feb 17, 2012

"My experience with the Angels of Love program is unexplainable. To be honest I thought of it as a field trip and something that was going to be fun. Then the reality of what we were going to do hit me and I became really nervous. When we finally arrived at the hospital, my palms were sweaty and my heart was beating out of control. I was so nervous and scared something bad was going to happen, but I overcame my fear and went to give the Angels. The first Angel I gave was to an older man, as I stepped into the cold hospital room, my heart started beating faster again. I presented the Angel and I saw a twinkle in the man’s eye. It made me feel good that I did that. The Angels of Love program was such an eye opener. "

Posted by Nicholas M - student Dec. 2011 on Feb 17, 2012

"My experience at St. Joseph's Hospital was fun. Since I had went once before, I wasn't nervous and the day went well. I was able to speak to a lady that spoke vietnamese and give her and Angel. I felt bad because I don't know how to help the cancer patients feel better. We went room to room, patient to patient and every time we left the room I would pray that the cancer patient would feel better. I also prayed when I handed the Angel to the patients as well. It made me feel good that I actually made some on happy. Rick told me that you can see the difference we make. When we went into the patient's room they would look sad, but when we told them where we came from and why we were there, they became happy, some with tears. When I see them happy, I'm happy for them. Eddie and I put smiles on our faces and tried to make the patient feel really special. This experience made me feel good about myself."

Posted by Ann - November 2011 on Nov 20, 2011

"I'm very thankful to Angels of Love for letting us visit St. Joseph's Hospital. We had a great time and I experienced a feeling that I can't explain. I saw a man that was very happy that we came to see him. He told me in spanish that he had not had a visitor in two days. It made me feel very wanted. I knew this was a one time only opportunity. We walked around room to room and handed the patients little glass Angels to remind them that there are still people who care. I felt very sad to see them all suffering, but it also felt good to show them that we care."

Posted by Eduardo M. - November 2011 on Nov 20, 2011

"This past Wednesday, I had the privilege of going along with the Angels of Love to St. Joseph's Hospital. I honestly had no idea what to expect as we were leaving the Youth Guidance Center and on our way to the hospital. I was anxious, nervous and a little afraid of resentment. I knew we would be going to talk to people who were very sick. Because of the way I have lived my life and the people I have surrounded myself with...I was wondering if the patients would react in a hostile way. I have never really been around positive people who are grateful for such little things so this was a whole new experience for me. I said a quick prayer before going in and presenting the patients with our gift of an Angel and the short speech I learned. To my surprise each and every room we went into was housing its own angel. The response I got back from these very sick people were more encouraging to me than I would have ever thought. I experienced all kinds of emotions in the rooms of that hospital and began to really appreciate the current state I am in. Although I am in a bad situation at the time, I still have my health and my family. There was a patient that has cancer and it has spread to her brain, told me how she was born premature and was never expected to survive the years she had. She lived a life full of blessings and is now in a rewinding state to where she should have been when she was born. She is grateful that she has been blessed with the life she has had and is ok with what is happening to her now. Her story pierced my heart and I will remember it the rest of my life. Seeing her thankfulness for what she has been given, made me want to never disrespect my body and to be grateful for what God has given to me. The Angels of Love has been a great experience for me, which has left a permanent impact on my life. However, for me the real angels were the people in the beds, fighting for their lives each and every day."

Posted by Logan M. - November 2011 on Nov 20, 2011

"About a week ago I went on a field trip to Saint Joseph's Hospital. Usually going to a hospital isn't a very enjoyable experience. I can't quite say it was enjoyable this time either, but it was an experience like no other. The emotion that I felt is inexplicable. I went there to give little Angels to those people who need them more than I do. They were so happy, despite their condition. It felt good doing a random act of kindness. One patient said after we presented her with an Angel that it was the best pain medication. That made me think about how such a little Angel can have such a big impact on someone's life. Another patient said "there should be more kids like you". At first after hearing this I was surprised, because she didn't know where we've been...it didn't matter. So it felt good for once having someone saying something nice, instead of reminding me of all the bad things I've done. The name of the program truly says it all - Angels of Love."

Posted by Richard R. - August 2011 on Aug 19, 2011

"My experience during the hospital visit, has been phenomenal. I could never have asked for a better lesson about life. It has made me not want to take my life for granted. During the visit I had gone in to a lot of rooms but a few were unforgettable. I went in to a room where the patient was waiting to have his leg amputated. He didn't realize what he had been putting his body through for so many years. It made me think real hard. The relationship I've built with all my fellow student council and Mr. Cryder is unbreakable. I have a special place in my heart for all of you. I'm happy to have had the opportunity and experience of giving Angels. It is a big eye opener. Angels of Love is a fantastic program and it really gives people hope. It is by far the coolest thing anyone could do for someone. It brings those patients up a lot and really touches them, I've seen it first hand. Thank you for letting me enjoy the pleasure of your program. I can't say it enough...Thank you and God Bless you."

Posted by James G. - August 2011 on Aug 19, 2011

"To me this was the best thing that has ever happened to me, taking Angels to the patients at the hospital...it made me feel good. I remember hearing a patient say that receiving an Angel was better than any pain medication. Also, the feedback from so many other patients...they said that they hoped that there are more kids like us around the world that do something different in there life or do something nice for someone they love. I learned that doing something nice for someone you don't know can make you feel good and joyful about yourself. showing kindness to someone that is sick and may not have anyone visiting them, and then give them an Angel, telling them that it will always be there for them...really has helped me a lot. It has helped me with my parenting skills, having more patience and to show love and caring to others."

Posted by Eduardo G. - August 2011 on Aug 19, 2011

"My Experience here at Angels of Love was an emotional experience. I felt very sad, I felt helpless for the cancer patients. It felt good knowing that the people there enjoyed our presence. They said to us that we made there day. This experience taught me how much we have in this life, but we decide to take it for granted. After my visit I learned to appreciate life and not take it for granted. I want to share a quote from a patient we visited with, here is what she said when we gave her an Angel, " This Angel is better than any pain medication!""

Posted by Aaron R. - August 2011 on Aug 19, 2011

" My experience at St. Joseph's Hospital was the most amazing and realistic experience I think I have ever been through. As soon as I saw the face of the first patient I presented an Angel to and how they lit up, I knew I was doing the right thing. I was quickly overwhelmed with pride when I was repeatedly thanked from what seemed to be the bottom of each patient's heart. It was an amazing experience that I thank God that I was lucky enough to be a part of. Every worry that I had and everything that I had been bothered by earlier that day quickly disappeared and I asked myself why I continue to worry and involve myself in petty stuff that in the long run wont matter at all, when these people are in the hospital many on their death bed fighting for their lives so courageously and fearlessly. I wasn't aware until now that even the smallest things in life can mean everything. I was extremely blessed today. I wish those people that thanked me for making an impact on their life they knew that they were really the ones that made an impact on my life. They taught me something I have never learned before...the significance of life and how in the blink of an eye things can change. I have taken so much from this experience and will continue to learn from this experience in days to come. I think I will appreciate and treasure life more now and I will always remember everyone of those patients faces. In the future when I am about to do something impulsive I will think about the fact that anyone of the patients I gave an Angel to today would give anything to be able to be in my shoes and have the freedom and health that I have. I will remember how lucky I am to have my health. This has changed my views and opinions on a lot of things. I thank Rick and Mrs. Russell De La Taft for allowing me to be a part of a very unforgettable visit to St. Joseph's Hospital."

Posted by Katie S. (4- 20-2011) on May 15, 2011

"This experience for me was just one big emotional roller coster. When we passed out some of our Angels to the cancer patients it was such a good feeling knowing that were giving back to the community especially to those who really need it. This was such a good experience. I will never forget it for the rest of my life. I remember giving an Angel to this older man and the expression on his face when he realized that we were giving him an Angel was priceless. The man was so touched by our random act of kindness that he began to cry. Just watching how much this man was touched made me want to cry as well. This is something I will never forget. Allen "

Posted by Allen on May 10, 2010

"On Friday, May 29th, 2009 my fellow student council members and I went on a fieldtrip to CHOC Hospital to give out angels to kids with cancer for the program called Angels of Love. My experience was very emotional and moving. We spit up into groups and I my group was Jonathan, Mrs. Masters, and the Pastor for the hospital. My group went to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) to pass out Angels. The first boy we met was one of the ones who stood out most to me. His name was Cody and he was probably about 8 years old. He was such a cute kid and he was so excited when he saw the Angel. I broke down watching him because it broke my heart to see such a young, nice, and loving kid fighting for his life. My heart truly went out to him and his mom because I could only imagine their suffering. Another one who really stood out to me was this little girl, Ashley. She was probably about 4 years old and she was the cutest little girl. Ashley was so full of life, jumping around, hugging and kissing her mom, almost as if she was completely unaware that she was hooked up to an IV. Again, I was completely heart broken at the idea of someone so little and innocent being threatened by such a serious and life threatening illness. When we were leaving, she blew us kisses and it sent chills through my body. Each and everyone one of the kids are fighting for their lives everyday. The fieldtrip to the hospital was a very moving experience and one I will take with me for the rest of my life. "

Posted by May 2009 - Caitlin (Student) on Jul 5, 2009

"On May 29th, 2009 I was privileged with the opportunity to go with The Angels of Love to CHOC. Mrs. Masters, Caitlin, and I went to the ICU where I was blessed to meet some of the most beautiful kids in the world. The first I recall was Cody, I remember walking into his room and looking at his face. The life I saw in his eyes was unbelievable. That little boy has a will to live, which is an inspiration to me, I loved the look on his face when I handed him an Angel, and he said it was awesome. The next family was one of the most touching. She was a little girl no older than five; she had just come from chemo or radiation treatment. Her little body lay on her bed underneath the sheets all that poked out was her head and I noticed the absence of her hair and that’s when it hit me, this little girl is stronger than most people I know. Due to the treatment, she was sleeping, so we presented the Angel to her family. It was her mom, dad, and grandma. I looked her mom in the eyes and said, “Stay strong”. We said a prayer together around her and after it I noticed all of their eyes filled with tears. I had told the mom during the presentation that it was a small gesture, but we try to give back. Then she interrupted me a said, “Yeah the Angel is small, but the impact is big”, she said this with tears welling up in her eyes. After our prayer was done the family came around with hugs all around. Its amazing the bond you can form with strangers in matter of minutes. The feeling of the people coming together in the time of need is hard to describe I never thought I would be able to share such magic with others. Another kid that stands out, is Joe he is about my age. I walked into his room and I saw all the things any ordinary teenager has; play station, movies, TV, and a pair of Chucks (converse) under his couch. This really helped me relate to him. I immediately felt like I wanted to be his friend. I presented the Angel the way I would to a friend in need. I really felt the Hope we were delivering to Joe’s mom. She was so cool, she stood up and gave us all a hug, I think I hugged her twice. Later on while we walking into a room next to Joes I noticed him looking at us, I flashed him a smile and a thumbs up, his face just seemed to light up. My favorite little munchkin was Ashley. She is the biggest littlest person I know. She is the cutest little girl ever who waved at us and blew us kisses. She seemed more excited when we handed her the bag, but her mom was very grateful she said, “ You guys will be blessed for blessing others.” I really didn’t know how much I was actually receiving from this experience until now. I reflect back and feel so much joy for being able to help others. I hope they realize that they are actually the ones that are helping me. I will never forget the faces of these kids and their families. I was great experiencing this with Mrs. Masters and Caitlin. We are emotionally compatible (sensitive). We were quite the team! "

Posted by May 2009-Jonathan (Student) on Jul 5, 2009

"Angels of Love Trip to CHOC with Rio Contiguo’s Student council--On Friday, I went to CHOC with eight students to deliver Angels of Love to the patients on the Oncology/ICU floor. The kids we saw were just amazing. Ranging in age from three years to fifteen years old, they were all smiling, hopeful, and inspiring. They all touched my heart. At first I thought my tears were for sadness at the thought of what they are fighting, but later I realized my tears were for their bravery, as the nurses said, “Tears of Hope”. I was also touched as I witnessed my students give of themselves to these patients, not just by the Angels they gave, but by heartfelt word of encouragement, a thumbs up, or blown kisses to the cute 3 year old wiggling on her mother’s lap. I was so proud of them. Even though they were tearful, they moved on to each patient’s room with a smile and an outpouring of love. My belief in the Angels of Love program was confirmed again on this visit. We went in to see Kaitlyn and wish her well. We presented her with an Angel and she gave a big smile. Her dad then pointed to the shelf where another angel was sitting. He said that she had received that Angel last year when she was there and made sure she brought it again this time for hope and encouragement. Now Kaitlyn has two reminders that there are people that she doesn’t even know who are praying and supporting her as she goes through this struggle. I feel very fortunate to have been a part of this special visit and the opportunity to support the Angels of Love program. "

Posted by May 23, 2009 - Laura Masters-teacher Rio Contiguo on Jul 5, 2009

"Having the chance to go to St. Josephs Hospital was an amazing experience that will be cherished in my heart forever. Being around all of the patients really makes you realize how important life truly is. There are bad people in the world who abuse their bodies everyday and don't care if they're alive or dead and last week I saw good people who want to live but were unfortunately in that situation where they don't have a choice. I know that by going to the hospital I can not save them, that is not in my hands, but I can give them some hope. To show them that there are people out there who care about them and who pray for them to get better. The look they have on their face when we pull out the Angel and see how beautiful it is; the tears that they shed mean so much to the people in our group. Last wek I met a woman; this woman wasn't a patient, she wasn't even sick but she showed me a lot. This strong woman cried, but every tear drop that feel allowed the courage inside of her to grow. Her father passed not too long ago and even though it was hard for her to be in the hospital last week she pulled through and showed all of us students what strength really is. It's not how muscular you are or what tough exterior you have, it's facing life head on even though you know it might be rough. I want to thank that woman for what she did. She is a great role model and a wonderful person."

Posted by November 2010- Rhionna (Student) on Dec 1, 2010

"I went to the hospital with a couple of other people from Angels of Love. It was an inexplicable experience. I had a lot of mixed emotions with what I was going through. At times I felt sad about the fact that some of these people don't have much more time to live. It really changed my perspective on my health. Also about the fact that I'm damaging it by doing drugs. I am blessed to have a healthy body, so why should I ruin it. The hospital was a trip at times I felt that some of the people weren't as happy for the gift as others. I felt kind of awkward. I sometimes got this weird vibe from some of the patients that they kinda just wanted me to leave, but then again I need to put myself in their shoes. I'd be kind of depressed to if I had a terminal illness. Other patients were so happy about recieving a gift they would have tears of joy. This was something like no other. This was a life changing experience."

Posted by November 2010 - Richard R. (student) on Dec 1, 2010

"When we the student councel members visited the hospital it was life changing to me. As I take life for granted In a world of misfortune others give prayers. While they have torture, children are laying in their deathbeds, trying to be normal. Cancer is a killer in my head to any living mortal. people lose family all the time while I'm panicing for freedom, but I'm here writing ryhmes. Life has blessed me and I feel dumb. I'm feeling sorry, but I need to move on from all this guilt that I bear. Sometimes I feel my soul is gone but to God I don't sweat it."

Posted by November 2010 - Chase (student) on Dec 3, 2010

"Dear Rick, I wanted to take a minute or two to say Thank You! Having the opportunity to work with you, coach me and some of my ‘roommates’ on the Angels of Love project has meant so much over the past number of months Deputy W. subtly suggested’ that perhaps I should get involved-she was absolutely right! The Angels are very near and dear to my heart. I lost my Mother and Aunt last year within weeks of each other to cancer. Helping to put these beautiful pieces together, knowing, via e-mails, just how much they mean to those who’ve lost their loves ones to cancer, war, or fallen in the line of duty, has made me feel proud, humble. And you Rick! Your kindness, and dedication to the project is inspiring. That you treat us with such respect; always encouraging us, never judging, makes me feel worth it and hopeful. Your heart is so big, so full of all the possibilities life brings. Always dreaming. My time here at The Farm in the OC jail system is ending after six months. I have tried to view this situation as a “glass ½ full” experience. You, with others, but you in particular, Rick, have played a huge part and with that, again, Thank You! Sincerely, Stacy "

Posted by May 9, 2009 - Stacy on Jul 5, 2009

"Angels of Love was a life changing experience. The whole trip was something completely new for me. The experience made me thankful for something I take for granted, everybody in my life. I never realized how fragile life really is. Making Angels for these peolpe was just something nice we did , but it meant so much to the people we gave them to. The reactions we got from the patients usually always got a smile. These people were grateful for the little Angel we made. It was hard to go and see some of these people, knowing they're going to die. In two months I will be free and at home; in two months some of these peolpe will no longer be alive. This experience has truly made me grateful for my life. Just waking up in the morning is a blessing for me. The trip has made me look at my life in a new perspective. How am I going to spend this one life I have? I am going to live it the way I believe is the right way. The look on their faces is enough to inspire me to be grateful."

Posted by November 2010 - Bryan L. (student) on Dec 1, 2010

"My experience today at St. Josephs was an unforgetable day, I won't forget for the rest of my life. I was nervous when we first arrived at the hospital because I didn't know what to expect at all. It ws also my first hospital visit too and I didn't know how to present an Angel to the patients, so that also made me nervous. When the time came to present my Angel to the patient I mixed up my words but got through it very well. The look on their face when they saw the Angel made me happy, but it put a smile to their face and before we got there the blinds were shut closed so it was dark and we told them that the Angels look very pretty in the sun so some patients asked if we could open the blinds to get the sun in and to me that meant that we touched them in some way. Some patients asked us how much it cost but we told them it was free and they were confused at first, but got the point in the end. There was a patient named Lenny and my classmate presented her with an Angel and Lenny asked us if she could keep it and we told her it was free, she was admiring the Angel a lot, that she wasn't paying attention to her at all and put on her favorite purple hat on for us and she looked very beautiful. It was her very first time going through the therapy. I'm keeping her in my prayers along with the other patients at St. Josephs. "

Posted by November 2010 - Brian G. (student) on Dec 1, 2010

"Thank you so much for the Angel you sent to my son, Tony. He was so touched when he opened the box and saw his Angel. He felt very humbled and was so grateful. He put his Angel in front of a lighted cross and that light stays on all the time so he can see his Angel glow. I know God’s hand are working through yours to help many people like Tony and me. I thank God for you and pray this ministry can keep growing ‘for heaven knows we need you.’ Love and Blessings, Annie"

Posted by June 2009 - Annie on Jul 5, 2009

"Angels of Love, I would like to thank you for the beautiful Angel I received the earlier part of this year. I feel truly blessed to have it. To know the love, time and hours that went into making it. I will always be so grateful. May God Bless you and continue this wonderful mission. God Bless, Bernice P. Mother of a Fallen Firefighter"

Posted by April 2009 on Jul 5, 2009

"Dear Rick, Thank you so much for writing back and offering to send an Angel in my son's Memory. Nick was the joy of my heart and soul. I am a Pediatric Nurse and wanted to be a Mom more than anything in this life. My late husband and I were married for 14 years before we were blessed with Nick. Nick was one of those kids that everyone fell in love with. He had an infectious smile and a vibrant and generous spirit. He was very creative and loved to draw...taught himself to play the drums. He used to come home from school and run downstairs and I'd get the best drum solo ever. Tragically his father had a massive heart attack and went to be with the Lord when Nick was only 12. Nick and I were devastated but we stayed strong for each other. I'm sending you a picture of Nick and I on the night he came home from Iraq the first deployment Oct 2005. I prayed so hard that God would bring him home safely again. He left for Iraq in Sept 2006 only 2 months after getting married..........and my doorbell rang Oct 21,2006 with the news that he was killed. I know that one day I will be reunited with him and his Dad again in heaven. Just missing him so very much......Mothers Day without my son was very difficult. I am involved with Taps........we started a regional group here in Michigan.Thank you for keeping my son and I in your thoughts and prayers."

Posted by 07/05/09 on Jul 5, 2009

"Dear Rick and Sally, What a special Joy you bring to those who receive your Angels. It is so beautiful lit, and will be treasured forever. Sickness is so difficult and affects all areas of life. We just keep praying for strength and we hear from. Angels of Love! We so appreciate you, your gifts, and your prayers! These past two weeks have been extremely trying but Emily claims God cares more about your character than your comfort, so she offers up her suffering! Once again many thanks for all you do for so many! "

Posted by 03/25/09-Jessie and Emily H. (Rob T?s Family) on Jul 5, 2009

"Angels of Love, I am responding to let you know that I received my angel, It is beautiful!! Just absolutely beautiful. I just came back from the TAPS Seminar. And, I had the angel here waiting for me. I really want to thank you! I will forever cherish it. The day my son arrived home, we took a picture of an angel we spotted in the clouds. So,this is very special to us. Love, Joel & Anita R. Gold Star parentsIn loving Memory of Our hero, our son SSG Frank J. Gasper KIA 5/25/08"

Posted by 02/08/09-Joel & Anita on Jul 5, 2009

"Dear Angels of Love, I want to thank you for the beautiful Angel you brought to me while I was lying ill in the hospital in December at Mission Hospital. What a beautiful thoughtful and generous way to help comfort those in time of being alone. Your thoughts did brighten my days and made me feel so good. God Bless you all and all that you do for those in need."

Posted by 01/15/09 - Pat W. on Jul 5, 2009

"Thank you so much for the beautiful Angel. We received ours yesterday and we were so touched by the Angel of Love. The beauty, the craftsmanship, and the love that was put into this angel was so heartfelt. We cannot say thank you enough for sending us this Angel in memory of our son, SGT Nicholas P., who was killed in Iraq on September 10th, 2007. When I opened the box and held that Angel, there was such a "peace" that came over me. I instantly felt connected to that Angel. It is really hard to explain. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and your kindness and support will forever be remembered. God Bless you all!"

Posted by 01/29/09-Scott & Jane-Warsaw, IN on Jul 5, 2009

"Bless you for the wonderful work you have done for your fallen families. It warms my heart to hear of wonderful people like you that help to not forget our fallen. Too many families around our nation have to live the rest of their lives without their soldier. People like you help to remind us that we do not stand alone. Thank you again and God Bless you. Mysty"

Posted by 01/25/09-Mysty on Jul 5, 2009

"I received a beautiful Angel of Love in honor of my husband, Tom S. who passed away on November 9th. Tom was a retired Anaheim Firefighter and passed away from emphysema. The Angel was sent by Tom's fellow Anaheim retired FireFighter, Gus P. who is one of your Angel of Love volunteers. This gesture of kindness by Gus was very much appreciated by me and our entire family. The Angel comforted me very much, within a couple of days God comforted me again by reminding me of a verse in the Bible which I had not thought of at all through this sorrow. The verse he spoke to my heart and quickened to my mind ?out of the blue? was Psalms 116-15 precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his Saints. Praise God for people like you all and Gus who care for those with broken hearts. Sincerely, Jean S. & Family "

Posted by 12/20/08-Jean S. and Family on Jul 5, 2009

"I just received my Angel; it came on a day after a horrible weekend. My son was killed in Iraq a year ago and it hurts today as much as it did the day I found out. The Angel is very comforting and I place it next to the shadow box of Josh's medals and things. Thank you again. "

Posted by 01/19/09 - Lynn A. on Jul 5, 2009

"I had to write and tell you what we've been doing with our Angel of Love. It started with Thxgving, I decided to light the tea light candle behind the Angel and put it at what would be "Nick's place" at the table! Well, everyone thought that was a very nice tribute to Nick, so we are keeping up our new "tradition"! We did it again at Christmas and will do it again for New Years! It will be done on all of our holidays and, of course, on his birthday, Feb 17th, in honor of him. I just wanted to share this with you in hopes that you will share this with Rick and everyone else at Angels of Love!! Thank you again for this wonderful tribute to our dear Hero... Bless you & best wishes for a wonderful New Year!! Love, Debbie Moore"

Posted by 12/30/08-Debbie Moore in honor of her son, Sgt. Nicholas Turcotte who lost his life in Iraq on Jul 5, 2009

"Hello, I just want to let you know how much we love the beautiful angel from you. My son, 3years old has been fighting with Cancer since February. This has been very very difficult time for us. We were hoping he would be cancer free by this Christmas. However, he needs Clinical Trials now after all of the treatments he has had in the past. Chemo, Stemcell transplant, Radiation and Multiple Surgeries. We will be back at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles tomorrow for treatment for more 2 weeks. It is great to know that somebody cares for us and praying for us. People like you, make it possible to get through this hard time. Thank you so much! "

Posted by Atsuko G. on Mar 30, 2009


Posted by MINAKSHI on Mar 30, 2009

"I received one of your "Derek" Angels because I am a patient at the City of Hope, having had a Stem Cell Transplant there 12 years ago. I also Volunteer there too. I want to express my thanks to you for your very loving and caring Ministry. My Angel is just beautiful! I love Angels, God and his Angels have helped me thru some difficult times. You have such a great idea to make these Angels to help patients of cancer and for our Military families! Thank you Mr. Cryder for your "idea" and thank you volunteers for your service and talents! "

Posted by Janet on Mar 30, 2009

"Dear Christian Friends, Rick gave my beloved Mom an Angel of Love (www.Angelsoflove.org) today while I (her only daughter who's sister to her four sons) was visiting her in the critical burn unit of UCI Medical Center. What a Godsend! I had read Mom one of our favorite Bible chapters (Romans 8) last night that nothing can separate us from God's love. Today God surprises us... yet again... beyond our wildest expectations with a gift from above... an Angel of Love. Mom's having surgery on Friday as a result of a freak accident which left her with third degree burns across her chest, one shoulder, and under one arm. She's a lifetime woman of faith who soon will be 90 on March 6. She's had Parkinson's for 20 years along with macular degeneration. She never complains, and no one ever believes her age because she radiates Christ's love. We shared a prayer with Rick, and he told us we had blessed his day beyond his ability to express. The feeling was mutual. We are here to help each other survive. If we say we're Christians, then we must live a Christ-like life. Mom and I strive through God's grace, goodness, and mercy to live as humble servants with constant attitudes of gratitude according to God's will and purpose, releasing all control to God. I live my life surrounded by my Heavenly God; my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, my Good Shepherd who cradles me in His arms so that not even one of my toes is touching the ground; and my best friend, my internal female (as I choose to view) Holy Spirit, my gift, my constant companion, my inner voice. Yes, life is good, and God is most AWESOMELY good! There's a bond among Christians. Rick knew we were, and we knew he was instantly. Yes, God is good! So thank you... once again... for this treasured work of art, given with love and compassion. God bless and keep you... "

Posted by Kristi de Merlier, Marge Wold's adoring daughter on Mar 30, 2009

"I have been to hospitals a lot and all hospital visits haven't been for good reasons but on Friday February 13, I got the chance to go and give the Angels away to the sick. Coming in, I was very nervous and I kept thinking what I was going to say. But when David and I stepped to the one room I just spoke from my heart and it felt good actually doing something good and what really touched me right there on the spot was when that lady said that this world needs more young men like us doing good things and that made me feel good about myself. I really appreciate the chance to go, I would be glad to experience this again and it motivates me to be a doctor and to help the sick."

Posted by Javier, Student - Rio Contiguo High School on Mar 30, 2009

"Delivering Angels to others who are suffering is something that I enjoy. It gives me a good feeling inside but at the same time it always reminds me of my dad. It just reminds me that life can be taken away any minute so I should cherish it like no other. This visit was a little different, I let other of my peers give Angels. I usually like presenting them but since there were newcomers, I wanted to give them the opportunity to feel that powerful feeling this great experience has to offer. I'm hoping it changed their of viewing life, because it sure changes mine every time I deliver Angels."

Posted by John, Student, Rio Contiguo High School on Mar 30, 2009

"My experience with the Angels of Love at St. Joseph's Hospital was very heartfelt. I knew right away that it would be. I never thought that a simple gesture could make someone so happy. The first time I presented an Angel I was very nervous. I remember feeling my heart pounding in my head. But once I began to talk I immediately began to feel their reaction and that really filled my heart with so much emotion that I felt like crying. One patient who stayed in my mind is Sheryl; she was a kind looking older lady who sounded like the sweetest person in the world. I remember the look in her eyes as David and I presented her the Angel. It was the look of hope and gratitude. I could tell she was happy to have received it. I feel a great sense of accomplishment. I never thought I could give so much joy to others. I remember feeling like I wanted to do more for the patients I felt helpless. I wish I could take away their pain. But it's a part of life, this I do not understand but believe it as true."

Posted by Jonathan - Student, Rio Contiguo High School on Mar 30, 2009

"There is no experience in my life that has compared to the one I had delivering and presenting these beautiful Angels to the people in the world that need them the most. It isn't a feeling that can be explained in words. As my team walked into the hospital we were greeted by the nicest people who knew how much we were about to make a difference in famlies lives. Every patient that we saw felt honored and grateful to see that teenagers would take their time to show this act of kindness towards them. The patient that I remember the most was the first one that I went to. She seemed very surprised and curious at first and changed her emotions almost instantly once we started telling her how much we care for her. I wished we could do even more for her to comfort her but we had more families to help. I left the room watching a tear go down her right check. It made me want to just take the pain away from her for a second. I almost went into tears as we walked down the hallway to the next room. Nothing is better than giving a gift of courage and hope. That is exactly what I did on February 13, 2009. We all want to show love to everyone on Valentine's Day and this proved to me that I gave all the love I could ever give. I will probably never see these people again in my life but their faces will be in my memory forever."

Posted by David - Student, Rio Contiguo High School on Mar 30, 2009

"Today, February 13, 2009 I went with the Angels of Love to St Joseph's hospital to give Angels away to the sick and it was something new to me. I've never really done good things in my life. I've always been selfish and only cared about me and my family and friends. But today I really don't know how to feel for those people that I don't even know. But for sure something inside of me wanted to come out. But it wasn't just enough because of all the things I've been through in the past. But hopefully in the near future I can do this again. "

Posted by Michael - Student, Rio Contiguo High School on Mar 30, 2009

"Last week was my second opportunity to join with Rick and the Rio Contiguo Student Council to deliver Angels of Love to patients at St. Joseph's Hospital. The experience was very special because I was able to share in watching my students give a gift of hope, comfort and love to others. I was touched by their sincerity, kindness, and strength. I know the experience was new for some of them and even though they were nervous and a little apprehensive at first, they found the right words and warm gestures to touch the patients who received their gift. At times it was hard to see their emotions as they remembered loved ones that they had lost or that they do not have the opportunity to see, but I also believe it was very healing for them as they were able to reach out to others with that spirit in their hearts. I also appreciated how receptive and welcoming all of the nurses were in allowing our students to deliver the Angels. I think their sharing with the students about how the patients really appreciate the gift makes the experience even more long lasting. They are able to talk with the patients and families after we have gone and explained how the angels truly do make a special impact on their lives. "

Posted by Laura Masters - Teacher, Rio Contiguo High School on Mar 30, 2009

"On Monday, December, 22, 2008, I experienced on of the most wonderful things. I got the opportunity to go to St. Joseph’s hospital and give our Angels of Love to the sick. When walking into the first hospital room, my heart was pounding because I was nervous and curious as to what their reaction would be. After being in there for about a minute I was no longer nervous but I was shocked by the exciting reaction the patient had. He was so excited and was so astonished by what we had given him. It really me me happy to see someone so sick appreciate the hard work us kids had put into the Angels. There is one patient that I will never forget. She really touched my heart and made me appreciate all the things I have. As Adam and I handed her the Angel and told her what it meant and how the Angel will watch over her and that we’re praying for her and the Angel will give her hope, she started to yell out “thank you, OH GOD, I needed this so much, Thank You, Thank You!” Her relatives were in there and were thanking us and giving us hugs and that really touched my heart, seeing someone so sick get so happy really made me thankful to have the opportunity to deliver the Angels to the hospital. I really hope that I get another opportunity to help people sick and dying and if I don’t this experience was a great experience that I will never forget."

Posted by Karissa on Feb 9, 2009

"One word sums up my experience at St. Joseph’s Hospital on December 22, 2008: unforgettable. It’s a that day that I will remember for a very long time. Giving hope and handing our beautiful stained glass Angels to terminal patients as well as pregnant women is something extraordinary. A lot of the patients we gave an Angel to were kind of just shocked at the generosity and love we had towards them. However there were few that were just overwhelmed by our compassion. The one lady whom has been on my mind even to this day has made a whole difference in my life. The second that Karrisa and I walked into her door and pulled out the Angel, this lady just started crying uncontrollably. There wasn’t much to say, because my tears and my caring smile said it all. I told her to never give up and have a Merry Christmas and to just cherish her memories. I gave her my prayers and my love. As much as I wanted to stay and comfort her, we had lots more Angels to give away. That day at St. Joseph’s was so special to me. It humbled me and brought out tears that I wasn’t expecting. I look forward to volunteering more and possibly handing our more Angels to people who are in need. "

Posted by Adam on Feb 9, 2009

" My experience on delivering Angels of Love to patients who are battling cancer, newborn babies/mothers of any patients who have fatal diseases was really good. This is not my first time going to the hospital. It’s actually my second. But this time it was so much different! I lost my dad to cancer on August 27, 2008 and that really affected me. Before it really didn’t bother me, yeah I felt sad but it wasn’t really a big thing. But now that I have actually gone through it, delivering Angels has way more meaning to me. This time was much harder for me due to that fact that my dad not too long ago was one of those helpless patients. I had the hardest time delivering to the Hispanic patients especially male ones. I get a lot of mixed emotions but at the end I felt good cause I was about to give a gift to someone that really needed it. We did something new this time around as well, we gave out Angels to the new moms I really liked that because I too just had a son. I really didn’t have him, my girlfriend did, but that’s not the point. My point is that an Angel is a nice gift to give anyone because it symbolizes hope, love and it brings peace to those that put meaning behind it. "

Posted by John on Feb 9, 2009

" I’ve been to hospitals before for doctor checkups and to visit my family members and all that. I’ll never look at hospitals the same again after my hospital visit with Angels of Love. I can still remember the feeling of joy and thrill when I presented the Angels. I felt really good and after I gave away the first one, I wanted to keep presenting and presenting until they were all gone. The look on the patients’ faces was also unforgettable. I was looking forward to the hospital visit ever since I joined Angels of Love. I have learned many things about myself giving these beautiful Angels away. I never would’ve ever thought of myself making and giving Angels away. I have a different outlook on things now and I hope it sticks with me. The most important things are that I’m not doing it alone but I’m sharing it with others and that’s what makes it so special. There’s one patient that I know will be unforgettable. I remember walking into a quiet room and there was this old lady lying on her bed. She was unconscious and was also twitching. I was startled because I never expected to see anything like that. Since the old lady wasn’t capable of receiving the Angel we presented it to her visitor, who was in the room at the time we stepped in. I don’t even think she even knew we stepped into the room. When I pulled the Angel out of the bag, I felt something right then. It’s one of those feelings that you can’t put into words. I told my family about my involvement with Angels of Love. I explained the whole reason behind the hospital visit and everything. They were proud of me and I could tell by their face expressions that they never expected that from me. I was planning to get an early release before my hospital visit but I’m grateful that I didn’t after all. if I would’ve done so, I would’ve never had that wonderful experience. "

Posted by Rito on Feb 9, 2009



"October 5th, 2008 Dear Rick, I am so sorry I haven?t written sooner, but I am still trying to get situated with all my obligations in the outside world. I seem to never have enough time in one day. It?s ironic to think that for eight months all I had was time. What a difference it?s been and an arduous transition for me. But, know I am smiling more than I ever have! First and foremost, I want to say thank you for everything that you did for me during my incarceration at the James A. Musick Facility. It was such a pleasure getting to know you and how honored I feel to be a part of the angels of love. When you asked me to solder the hands of prayer for the angels, it meant so much to me. And, I don?t need to tell you how much pride I took in achieving that task. Just knowing that the hands of prayer would later complete an angel that would be sent to a fallen hero, to the family of a lost one, or to an ill person in need of a guardian angel, affected my life in more ways than you could possibly know. I can?t express to you enough how grateful I was and still am, to be part of such a beautiful and amazing project. You brought so much joy and light into my life even in the darkest of times. I truly believe that you have a gift not only for what you did for me, but for so many others. I was able to see that there was a light at the end of the tunnel and that light has forever impacted my life. I hope that the new girls that you now have in your project will know what a true blessing this is. And, for the girls who are still there that I knew, please let them know they are always in my thoughts and prayers. I am so happy to be moving forward with the next phase of my life, but I can?t help feeing sad that I no longer participate weekly in the angel project. I remember always telling you how all week I looked forward to Wednesday. But, when Wednesday came it never lasted long enough, and now there are no more Wednesdays. However, I can now look forward to my future and a long standing relationship with the angels of love. As well as a friendship with you! =0 AAnd last but not least, to Miss Bernice who is by far one of the coolest women I have ever come to know. She is such a positive role model and is a true inspiration to me. I would have never made it without her and I cherish her and keep her close to my heart. Just always remember to never give up, you can?t be defeated if you don?t let them win! Take care and may GOD bless you! With much love and respect, Angela "

Posted by Angela 10/06/08 on Oct 7, 2008

"I have written and re-written this letter many times, both on paper and in my head. I have finally come to realize that there are no words to truly express how the Angel’s experience has impacted me. I was fortunate to go with the Rio Contiguo student’s to CHOC Hospital to present the beautiful angels to very sick children. This experience made me feel so many emotions. I was sad on one hand to see these beautiful children suffering and their parents in pain. On the other hand, I felt humbled to be allowed into their world with our student’s to provide warmth and support in a time of need. I feel blessed that I was able to support our student’s as well. We all came to realize that day how lucky we all were. Regardless of our circumstances, GOD had given us the strength to be there and to provide our strength to people in need. For our student’s it was an invaluable experience that they too, regardless of the choices that they had made in the past, could give something good into the world. I am the first to say, “You have to have FAITH.” It gives me strength to know that when you have faith then things will turn out exactly the way that they are suppose to. That is how I felt on that day and it strengthened the lesson that as human beings you need to carry that faith and pay it forward as well. I would like to thank Rick, Ms. Russell, and the student’s for this invaluable experience. Bahareh Church, PPS, LCSW Clinical Program Specialist, LCS 22985 Orange County Department of Education "

Posted by Bahareh Church, PPS, LCSW on Sep 21, 2008

"Rick and Sally, As I opened the box that came today, tears were streaming down my face. I knew that I was about to look at something beautiful. Absolutely, my angel is beautiful! It came through in one piece and has a place of honor in the sunshine on my window sill. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Even though it has been five years since Michael was killed, it is like it was yesterday. Michael will always be missed. I admire the workmanship that was put into the angel and the love that the angel represents. Again, thank you and God Bless you! Sandy W. Mom of Lcpl Michael Jason W. KIA 3-23-03 "

Posted by Sandy W.-Mom of Lcpl Michael Jason W. KIA 3-23-03 on Sep 9, 2008

"Hi Rick, The kids who came with you Friday (June 27) were wonderful! They were articulate, compassionate, polite, caring. I was so proud to introduce them as we went room to room. You and I share the knowledge that God directs so much in our individual lives. I love serving at CHOC as I know you love the work God has guided you to do. Your involvement with the High School group cannot be overemphasized. You are doing a great service. I hope you will express my thanks and praise for the kids and leaders who came to CHOC. I really look forward to reading the papers they write of the experience at CHOC. God's love and blessings in all you do - Jan Amrein, CHOC Chaplain "

Posted by Jan Amrein, CHOC Chaplain on Sep 7, 2008

"This experience was good for me. It was emotional for me looking at the people sick and almost dying. It made me realize that we are over here wasting our lives, when there are people wishing to get a second chance. This was like an eye opener experience. I will now be more grateful for what I have. -Stacy "

Posted by Stacy on Sep 9, 2008

"Precious Moment! This was a life changing experience. It helped me have a new perspective on life. I was one of the chosen to attend this field trip. I am thankful the Angels that we prepared went to a good cause. One thing I found really precious was I made a difference to these babies and their parents. It's a moment that I will always cherish. This experience was a real big eye opener. It showed me to count my blessings and appreciate life. It has also made me realize that my problems are nothing compared to others! It took a lot of courage, and heart for me to present these "Angels of Love" to these sick babies, and heart broken parents! I will never forget the look of sorrow in these parents eyes. But to know I gave them Hope, and let them know there is an Angel watching over them and their babies let me know I made a difference! This is a precious moment I shall cherish forever! Cecilia "

Posted by Cecilia on Sep 9, 2008

"My experience at Choc Hospital was like no other, I felt really, really good handing out the Angels that we had worked on so hard. I also liked the way the Angels would bring a glow to the patients face and to the parents as well. Lastly, I feel great giving back to the community this way. It really helped me become a better person. This is also an experience that will follow me for the rest of my life and I would like to thank "Angels of Love" for this wonderful gift and experience. Venancio "

Posted by Venancio on Sep 9, 2008

"My experience at Choc Hospital was an experience I will never forget. It gave me a different way to look at life. When I walked into the rooms of the cancer patients I felt sad; but after we had presented them with the Angel of Love and put a smile on their faces then trying to think of what I had really done instead of what I saw. My prayers will always be with those children and I will cherish the life that God has given me always and forever through the good and the bad; because I know it could be worse. Gabe "

Posted by Gabe on Sep 7, 2008

"Participating in the Angels of Love program was honestly one of the most incredible things I've ever done. It was so amazingly intense. I was on the verge of tears the entire time (however I did cry later in reflection). It broke my heart to see the pain and suffering in the eyes of those children, and the sadness and fear in the eyes of their parents. Although, seeing them smile when we presented each and every on of those beautiful angels. I knew we were making a difference in their lives, and giving them hope. I am proud to say that Angels of Love was truly a phenomenal and rewarding experience. Kori "

Posted by Kori on Sep 9, 2008

"Thank you so much for the beautiful Angel that was delivered to my home the other day. I know that S let you know how heartbroken I have been and your Angel came at a very good time. My daughter has been gone from me a month today and I guess realization has really hit. I have cried so much over the last week and feel so depressed. It is just so hard to believe that I will never see her again, at least in this lifetime, and we did everything together. I can't even go shopping without feeling bad because we also did that together. I will miss her every day for the rest of my life, and wonder just how does a Mother survive this. I know I will, but I sure wonder how. Thank you again for the Angel and please thank all the volunteers. Sharon "

Posted by Sharon (09/07/08) on Sep 7, 2008

"Hi There! I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of all of you. I look at my Angel from you every morning and many times during the day . It reminds me of others who gave of their time just for me and made the angel just for me and you know it made me realize just how valuable an act of kindness like all of you have done makes me feel so close to God when I look at it and sometimes just pick it up and touch it is there that I feel His presence. Thanks so much for all you have done for me and many others out there who need special angels like you and the angels you hand craft by the guidance of the "MASTERS HAND". You all have a great day and may God always hold you close in the shadow of His wings. Annie "

Posted by Annie (09/04/08) on Sep 7, 2008

"Oh my gosh, I am so so happy that she arrived today. I have been waiting for her since I received your email. Last night was one of the toughest I have had, very, very scared about starting chemo next week combined with getting a really good look at myself in the mirror after a double mastectomy. It was almost too much to handle, thank God for my wonderful husband who held me during this horrible time. Today was a new day, I felt peaceful today, almost like I knew she was coming. I have a sense of peace in my heart today and was actually able to have dinner ready for my husband tonight, like our regular routine, first time since my diagnosis in July. It meant a lot to me to have a normal routine this evening and it was topped off when I looked on my porch and saw the package. I knew as soon as I looked at the box that it was my special Angel!! She will be with me every time I go to my chemo appointments because I know I will be able to draw my strength from her. I am so glad she arrived and I just wanted to thank you and tell you it means so much to me!!! God bless you all for making such beautiful Angels!!! I know God has sent her to be with me during this time and I will cherish her forever!! With love, Jennifer "

Posted by Jennifer (08/13/08) on Sep 7, 2008

"To Rick and all the Angel's of Love: I wanted to let you know G's angel arrived today. The sad part is that G never got to see it. G passed away June 25th. In one weeks time he went from walking to using a walker to a wheelchair to bedridden. The cancer spread so fast, Hospice was amazed how fast it went. I delivered the angel tonite to D and his girls were there. D heard the story of the angels and I told her how I wished that G could see his angel and through her tears she said he does. His angel will be placed next to his flag and the shells from the funeral. She kept saying the angel is so beautiful. It's so beautiful. I know she will treasure it forever. I want you to know that you and your angels gave some thing very special to D and I will be grateful always. I will continue to pray for all the Derek's out there. Thank-you again for doing what you do. Hugs, Lin"

Posted by Lin (07/01/08) on Sep 9, 2008

"Hello to My Angel! I just returned home from my mother’s funeral and received about 10 days worth of mail, including a box which I assumed was an angry customer’s return of an item I had sold them on ebay. Instead, I opened the box and saw a gorgeous stained glass angel who is now sitting on my kitchen sink window sill, overlooking my garden. Thank you so much! What a pleasant thing to return home to after just an awful week of stressful grieving while organizing an “ash spreading”! I know I received an email from someone who told me this was going to happen before I left, but I was so busy and stressed getting ready to go and organizing the distribution of my mother’s ashes as she had requested, I just lost it....so please, whoever sent this to me, remind me who you are so I can give you an appropriate thank you, and show of appreciation. For some unknown reason, this has touched my heart like no one’s words or actions have in attempt to relieve my grief, and I just burst into tears when I saw what it was. I do believe in angels, and I believe that when a woman loses her mother, the feelings of loss are so deep there is no real way to describe the pain, and I won’t attempt. Just the “knowingness” that I can’t call her is just to talk is so painful, I know time will heal but now it is excruciating. Looking at my angel truly is a visible reminder of all I believe to be true, that I will be with her again some day, and that death is just a passing of life into the next. To my angel, thank so very very much. How odd it is that an anonymous gift can have such a powerful effect. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. "

Posted by Sara, Fort Myers, FL (06/25/08) on Sep 7, 2008

"Hello how are you doing? I know so GREAT. I do not know how to start but let see. I received my precious package yesterday from all of you. I did not write back to you because it was so much tears from my eyes that I went so emotional and a beautiful details was that it was raining precisely in the moment the package arrived; exactly as when my lovely son went to the heaven to lived with Jesus. Today, on behalf of my family and surely from adorable son I would like to extend a big hug and our sincere appreciation. The fact that you took the time to read my e-mail and make my petition for a beautiful angel true is very touchable and overwhelming for us.Again please accept my biggest THANKS to all of you. God Bless you. We will surely be in touch since now on."

Posted by Tatiana G., Miami, FL (05/20/08) on Sep 7, 2008

"I just received by beautiful angel and it was truly I believe handcrafted through angels from heaven to you. I was with my dad when he passed away this was just moments before he died and I ask my dad " Is there anything you want me to do?". His very last word he whispered "pray", and then he died. The angel you sent has it's hands folded in prayer. You all are doing such great things and it is through tears of such gratitude that I know I am truly blessed by finding all of you. It was no accident that my son found you and told me to go online and check out Angels Of Love. Someone was pirating my CD and although I have stopped it, it will be by the grace of God that it will find its way to the people that need it, like your angels do. Dad passed away in 1991 and today the pain is still the same although had I not had my visit with God's angel He sent me, I know I would not be here writing to you now. It took me until 1998 to write about all the angelic experiences and had to put it on hold to help with our adopted grandson, and then back to radio, and now another adopted granddaughter who is four and both angels sent to us, I feel it is time to work with the Angels Of Love CD again. I have a lot of updating to do with it and keep that in your prayers. Blessings and much love to all of you, and may God continue to work through you to help others. When the CD does start making a lot of major progress, I will give a percentage to your Angels Of Love. Love, In Christ!"

Posted by Annie on May 29, 2008

"There are no words that can describe the hope that you brought to my life. Please allow me to talk a little bit my son and how proud I was about him. Felipe had seizures since eight moths old due to a high fever from a meningitis infection. The seizures never stop on the contrary get worst; he had until 50 or more seizures per week. At two years old he stop talking and always was in isolation no matter how many effort I do, he prefer being alone. Most of the time he ended up in the hospital for long periods of time due to not only the seizures but also some injures caused while was falling on the floor (his teeth, his head, eyes, and so on). I always asked to God to give me strengths and fill my heart with love to understand why was happening this entire thing. I always nurture in my soul the hope that one day the seizures would stop and he will be free to walk, run and do whatever he wanted to do without worries to get hurt, without the need to were a helmet over his head, without the need to use a harness to help him but never happened and I want to believed that this was a part of a master plan designed by God. When he had 15 years old I danced with him and he was so happy, smiling and kissing me. He loved me so much and he always show me that love. Despite he was 18 I used to sit him on my lap and he put his head on my shoulder. He died while he was sleeping in a raining morning of July 31, I was working and his siblings and my husband were at home. He never wake up the only on thing that my older sister told me was that that morning she went to my bed (he sleep next to my bed) to watch TV and he saw him to went on his knees then go back to sleep he never opened his eyes. I do not have asked about details because I can not yet. His teacher loved him so much that counting him as part of their own children and one of them could not coupe with his loose and she is not longer teaching. Despite I am not young I went back to the school to finish my Bachelor degree in Exceptional Student Education from k to 12 because of him (it is not easy to find teachers with commitment and sensibility to this community). There is time that I want to die too but I know that is at the correct time and if I am alive there is a reason. I want him back, I want kiss him again, I want to hug him, I want to cry on his chest as I used to did, I want to carried on in my arms as when he had seizures and I refused to let him on the floor and I miss to reading a book together. I want to do something meaningful in his lovely memory I am still praying that inspiration comes to my soul. A couple of days before he left he brought me the figure of an angel that was carry on his arms a child and put in my hands. I keep that figure as his last gift and a sign that I could not recognized. Well I think that this is too much for all of you and you must be so busy. I am enclosing you the last picture we took together in the park he enjoyed going to. This picture is sending with all my love for all of you. Good bless each one of you and I will be in touch with your organization if you let me. Let me know how I may help you in your beautiful journey of love. "

Posted by Tatiana G., Miami, FL on May 29, 2008

"Hello, I'm Lona B , mother of Fallen Soldier SSG Daniel A. B. A few weeks ago I heard of your precious angels and requested one. I did receive this beautiful angel, and I thank you so much. It is beautiful, and fits in nicely with my other stained glass angels. However, this angel has special meaning, and I can feel Dan's spirit when I look at it. Your kind words also meant so much. It's really hard for me to put into words what I feel right now. It has just been a little over 5 years since I last saw my son and said goodbye, not knowing that would be my last final farewell to him in person. Even though it has been 5 years, I will always feel like it was just yesterday that I last saw him. He was such a wonderful son and left quite a legacy. He is survived by a beautiful little girl. Even though it was so sad for him to leave this earth, I can feel his life living on. As he was growing up, I always said to him, That in every bad, there is a little good. And in this bad experience, the good is that I have met many wonderful people and have been in contact by friends of his from his past childhood. He will forever live on in his friends, daughter, and many kind words spoken of him. And of course, being his mother, he will forever be in my heart. I definitely feel his angels are looking out for me and looking over me. Again, Thank you for much for this beautiful angel and your kind and supporting words. Lovingly, Lona B. Colorado Springs, CO "

Posted by Lona B., Colorado Springs on May 29, 2008

" Laura's Story - My Hosptial Visit

March 13th, 2008

I was really excited to be a part of the Angels of Love team that went to deliver hope and love to patients and their families in St. Joseph's Hospital. As Rick began to explain the process, I found myself getting little nervous and mentioned that to Gabriel who also was a first timer. I watched as Stacy and then Giovanni presented their Angels to their patients with ease, love and confidence and then realized, though them, what a beautiful purpose they serve. Not only were the recipients blessed by their gift, but also our student council members were given the opportunity to brighten the lives of others who are hurting. After giving away an Angel, Javier told me that was the first time he saw someone who was battling cancer. What an experience it was for him to see someone fighting for their life hooked up to tubes, chemo drips and IVs carrying blood. I believe it makes us all value the preciousness of life.

The person that touched me the most was the young mom who was kind enough to share her current emotions. While holding her precious newborn, she was struggling with the conflicting emotions of overwhelming joy at the birth of her baby and heartfelt sadness of her family's decision to take her aunt off life support that very same day. What a true picture of how life is; joy and sadness. She was so appreciative of her Angel and the gift our students gave her by listening to her and showing her that people care. When she needed hope the most, it was given to her. Another presentation, that I later found out was not typical, was when Adrian went to present his Angel to a man on the Oncology ward. He did not want to accept the Angel and seemed little agitated. It think Adrian was a little disappointed but handled the situation very well. However, through these situations, I think we still learn. Right after, the Nurse that was in the room came over and explained that Adrian did a great job and she did not want him to feel that he did anything wrong. She explained that the patient was a little confused by the medication he was taking and probably did not fully understand the meaning of the Angel. It was great to see the nurse assure and give her own encouragement to our group.

Lastly, I was so surprised by the number of people who were already familiar with the Angels of Love organization. From the patient who said she had heard of the group before, to the nurse who saw it on T.V., to the patient who had an Angel and was continuing to hold onto it for encouragement and the staff who shared that she still had the two angels she had received for her preemie twins 5 years ago. Hope, care and God's unfailing love was shared with those who were hurting and with those who were rejoicing last Thursday at St. Joseph's hospital. I was so proud of our students and the time they give to make the Angels and then giving hope to others. I pray that this experience has shown them how they can truly make a difference in someone life and the value that each one of them holds. Javier said he wished that he had more Angels so he could give one to each person in the hospital that day and bring them hope and healing. I wished I and an Angel to give to each one of my student for that same reason. - Laura Masters "

Posted by Laura Masters - Teacher - Youth Guidance Center on Apr 3, 2008

"Nancy's Story - The Angel Project

I enjoyed being a part of the Angel of Love project mostly because I really never volunteered for anything before and it gave me a chance to give back to the community. The ladies who are given the opportunity to join the Angel project, often like myself leave feeling a greater sense of accomplishment. Rarely in our lives has anyone empowered us to actually make a difference in the lives of a cancer stricken children, terminally ill patients and wounded troops and their families.

So far, the Angels of Love has proudly presented at least ten thousand, hand crafted stained glass Angels to recipients in the need of a personal guardian Angel. The James A. Musick Facility has and always will continue to give back to the community with its special projects. Besides the Angels project, they employee inmates to make clothes for the children of Orangewood and other women's shelters. Also I had the opportunity to volunteer with the same group of girls for another program called 'Sew Much Comfort' to sew special apparel for Veteran disabled and amputees.

Hopefully the power that be, will allow more inmates to participate and more days and time to accomplish so much more. The programs in their own way teach girls to work together and share in many emotional times because of the many letters and stories on how we touched someone's life at a time they really needed an Angel and they received one. It makes me happy to know in a powerless place where I am I can still reach out and help.

I am a small business owner and I do have a husband who is very supportive of me. I'm very lucky, but a lot of girls aren't and I've seen the pride they have when they have finished a project for the first time in their lives they have a sense of accomplishment and realize they can do it on their own.

Thank you, Nancy "

Posted by Nancy R - James A Musick Facility on Apr 2, 2008

"Jacqueline - Request from Scotland - 2008

I have a prayer request. My younger sister, Maureen, is 39 yrs old and was recently widowed by the death of her husband, Gary, who was only 36. Gary was a firefighter here in Scotland. He was part of the firefighter family of Central Scotland, headquartered in Madison, Falkirk. They had been married almost 3 yrs.

I am not sure if you take requests from overseas, but just writing this not seems the right thing to do. Gary was a great guy. He loved life. He and Maureen were starting their life together when he was taken from us. One of his firefighter brothers was being transferred to a different station and they were out celebrating his move. Gary collapsed that evening and never regained consciousness. He died at 9:30 am on July 4th 2007. Our whole family was devastated and are having a very difficult time coming out of this.

I am, and continue to be in admiration of Maureen's strength, courage and consideration of other people. She misses Gary with all her heart - he was her soul mate. They loved each other completely. Sometimes I wonder what she will do without him. These days I see a strength in her that defies comprehension after what she has been through. I worry about her constantly, as do the rest of the family.

My sisters and I have started attending a spiritual church here in Paisley, Scotland. We get a lot of comfort from going there. I'm not really sure what I'm expecting out of writing this, if anything. Sometimes it does the soul good to put your feelings down on paper. I know that Angels are around us all the time. If it is at all possible, one for Maureen and Gary from your organization would mean a great deal. How do I go about doing this?

God Bless, Jacqueline U.

Followup - 2008

Just a quick note to let you know that I received the Angel for Maureen. It is in prefect condition and looks lovely. I will be giving Maureen her Angel on Valentine's Day or her birthday (cant decide which) and will definitely go onto your website and describe our experience.

Once again, many, many thanks and God Bless you.

Jacqueline "

Posted by Jacqueline - Request from Scotland on Apr 2, 2008

" Stacy's Story - My Hospital Visit

The experience in the hospital was wonderful. It's a beautiful feeling knowing that I am making a difference on someone's life. This is my 2nd time going and every time I've go, I've learned something different. Appreciating life went through my mind and I realized that I have a beautiful life ahead of me and helping out the community is a great feeling. When I was giving out the angels, I felt really proud of myself, instead of taking away from the community I am actually giving back and its something I look forward to in life.

Stacy "

Posted by Stacy - Youth Guidance Center on Apr 2, 2008

" Javier's Story - My Hospital Visit

Angels of love is a very interesting program. Before today I really had no idea what the actual purpose of it was. I had helped make the Angels at Joplin a while back, but had never experienced something like I did today. I felt nervous at first, but towards the end of the day I really wish we would have more angels to give out.
My favorite part was seeing the joy and happiness a couple of strangers can put on someone's face. We pretty much let them know that there is always a brighter day, and that they are in our hearts and prayers. I have never talked to anyone with cancer. It was a sad but new experience.
I hope I have more experiences like these expect when I'm out of this place, not just while I'm here. I really enjoyed the field trip and would like to say thanks. Javier

Posted by Javier - Youth Guidance Center on Apr 2, 2008

" Nicole's Story The Angel Project

Dear Rick:

Honestly, I don't know where to begin. You have no idea how this Project and what you do has helped save me in more ways than one. I'm so grateful for you Rick. Being apart of this project, the Lord has used it to help mend me. I've been so blessed for this opportunity.
Before coming here and being apart of the Angels of Love project I was on a very destructive and empty path. I was wounded and had a lot of hurt. But they were meant to crest healing. Like a doctor who performs surgery on their patient, knowing that the surgery is going to be painful for that patient but the doctors cuts are designed to heal that person in the long run. Its been an amazing journey, my walk with the Lord so far and I'm so blessed - so very blessed Rick. Since the first day Rick I've felt a connection with you on this project. I want you to know I have so much respect and admiration for you. You say we're the angel - and that may be true but you Rick are definitely an Angel. Thank you so very much.
This isn't the last you've heard of me. May God Bless you and your family, Rick. I'll be just fine - I love the Lord and myself in away I never knew. You and your family are always in my prayers. On Fire for God, Nicole

Posted by Nicole - James A Musick Facility on Apr 2, 2008

"Gabriels Story - My Hospital Visit

On the Field trip I did something that I never thought I would ever do in my life. It was an awesome new experience for me. I only gave out about two or three Angels though, because my shyness was getting in the way. It made me feel good and I just wonder how the people that I gave the Angels to feel. I could just imagine.

When I went into a room with a persons family being there I literally felt like crying by just seeing the peoples faces of worry and some even of despair. The patient wasn't there for some reason I don't know why, I hope it was for a good reason. The family said to me 'que dias me Vendiga, Which reminds me of what my mom used to say. Just thinking to myself that I'm really talking this life of mine for granted because do I really have to wait until I'm the one on the bed and my family, crying because of a loss of yet another son. Not for cancer but to something a lot similar to it. That's what going on the field trip meant to me, a real punch in the face. Gabriel "

Posted by Gabriel -Youth Guidance Center on Apr 2, 2008